Aria Benett

Aria Benett (エリア·ベネット [aria benett] in Japanese) is a priestess of the Water Crystal in Final Fantasy III. She seems dedicated to her work, but nothing much can be said about her personality due to her brief appearance. She is 15 years old.

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Nothing is known about Aria's early life and how she became a priestess.

When Xande cursed the world and stopped its time, she and her guardian were the only people on the surface to escape its effect. She protected a shard of the Water Crystal so none could get their hands on it but the Warriors of Light.

When the Warriors finally appear, she is sick and her ship has run aground. When the Warriors heal her, she takes them to the Cave of Water to restore the Crystal back to its former self. Right after she has done it, one of Xande's underlings tries to kill Luneth, and she pushes him out of the way, taking the blast herself. She dies, telling the Warriors of Light to gain the power of the Water Crystal and to save the world.


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Aria has made an appearance in the FF-TCG under the element of Water.

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