Arc (アルクゥ [arc] in Japanese) is one of the four Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy III. His real parents are unknown, but he was raised by Elder Topapa and Nina in the village of Ur alongside Luneth. His age in the final game is unknown, but an unused scene suggests that he is 141. Between him and Luneth, Arc appears younger, but this may be just his personality.
In the Japanese version, the personal pronoun he uses for himself is 僕 [boku]. He loves reading and through that hobby, knows a lot. However, he is shown to be cowardly, to the extent of being teased by children seemingly younger than him. Over the course of the game, he grows out of it.
In the unused text for the game, Arc's intelligence is reinforced by having him be the one to give tips on fighting the bosses or occasionally figuring out plot developments. However, Arc is also shown to be prone to throwing tantrums over his perceived weakness or cowardliness, with the Saronia scenario being a major example. While it is alluded to in passing in the final game, the unused text makes it more clear that Arc is insecure about his height.
From the opening movie, it can be deduced that his 'intended' job is a Black Mage.

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Early Years

Nothing is known about Arc's early life and biological parents. He was brought to the Floating Continent in an airship with Cid Haze and the three other future Warriors of Light. The airship they were on crashed with the upheaval that stopped the time in the lower world and covered it in darkness. From there, he was adopted by Elder Topapa and Nina of Ur alongside Luneth.

Arc's life leading up to the game has been book-filled, but because of that he has also gotten bullied a lot by the other kids in the village. It appears that Luneth may have been his only friend when growing up, and he is certainly the one that always stood up to Arc.

Final Fantasy III


Arc's first appearance in the game is in a clearing north of Ur, where he is being picked on by three boys. The boys appear younger than him. They tell him that ghosts do exist, and that if he doesn't believe he should go check Kazus himself. This is because recently there have been rumors that all the people in Kazus got turned into ghosts after a recent earthquake.
Determined not to appear a coward, Arc dashes off after Luneth saves him, and heads to Kazus. However, his courage fails him at the entrance, where Luneth catches up to him. Together, the two find out the truth behind the rumors, that the people of Kazus have been cursed by Djinn, and need a Mythril Ring to remove the curse. They also promise to help Cid, a traveler form Canaan, who in return allows the two to use his airship.

Recovering the airship, the boys also come across Refia, the daughter of smith Takka of Kazus. They continue on their search for a Mythril ring to Castle Sasune, where they discover that Kazus wasn't the only place to be hit by Djinn's curse. At Sasune they discover that a mythril ring is in possession of the royal family, but it is with Princess Sara who has disappeared. On their quest to find the lost princess and mythril ring, a sasunian knight called Ingus joins them.

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Arc's Freelancer outfit consists of a yellow shirt with a green and brown overcoat, a white mantle with a yellow neckerchief, black pants with a brown belt, brown boots and brown fingerless gloves. Concept art shows slight differences in Arc's outfit, such as a lack of a mantle, rainbow coloring at the ends of the neckerchief and different-style boots.
A number of these elements are used for Arc's various job outfits. Arc's personal emblem is taken from the X on his belt buckle.
Brave Exvius features Arc in his Freelancer outfit, with the 5-star rarity giving him a Black Mage hat.


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Arc has made several appearances in the FF-TCG series with the element of Wind. In addition to the below, his likeness has appeared in quite a few job-type cards.

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