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Apururu (アプルル [apururu] in Japanese) is the Minister of Manustery of Windurst in Final Fantasy XI. Nothing much is known about her, although she appears to be the kind to easily panic, and have some skill with Cardians as she managed to become the person in charge of the ministry that makes and maintains them. Her father is called Zonpa-Zippa and she has one older brother called Ajido-Marujido.


Not much at all is known about Apururu's early years. After the Crystal War however, her father disappeared, and the then-Minister Shantotto took in her and her brother. Eventually, she became the Minister of Manustery.


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Apururu starts the following quests.

Windurst Sidequests
Can Cardians Cry?

Unlisted Quests
Trust: Ajido-Marujido

Apururu is involved in the following quests.

Windurst Missions
The Horutoto Ruins Experiment
The Heart of the Matter
Saintly Invitation
The Jester Who'd Be King
Doll of the Dead
Moon Reading

A Crystalline Prophecy Missions
A Crystalline Prophecy

Windurst Sidequests
Making Amens!
Legendary Plan B
The Kind Cardian


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Apururu has made an appearance in the FF-TCG series under the element of Lightning.

6-059U Apururu

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