Anna (アンナ [anna] in Japanese) is the daughter of Sage Tellah in Final Fantasy IV. Her age is unknown. She is a gentle but determined maiden with blue eyes and brown hair, and lived in Kaipo with her father after her mother died.1


Anna's mother died when she was very young. She and her father lived in a house in Kaipo. Not much is known about her early years.

One day, Gilbart Chris Von Muir, the prince of Damcyan, arrived at Kaipo, masquerading as a common bard.2 They first met when Gilbart performed at a square around noon and Anna happened to hear him. The same night, the two met by the oasis where Gilbart was playing music and dreaming about the girl he'd seen earlier that day - Anna. It isn't known ho wlong he spent there, but the two fell in love, bit by bit. They met near the oasis many times.
When Gilbart left to return to Damcyan, Anna went with him. When Sage Tellah discovered this, he went after the two. It is unknown whether Anna knew he would disagree, and left in secret because of this, but it is very possible.

The two lovers reached Damcyan, and Gilbart's parents gave their blessings to their marriage after talking with Anna. That was when Baron's airship fleet Red Wings attacked Damcyan. Defense was organized, but it was clear that Damcyan could not hold up against the mighty military of Baron. Anna was adamant to not leave for safety and instead stay and help the people. During the attack, Gilbart and Anna swore their eternal love to each other in front of Gilbart's parents and Damcyan's soldiers.

To that scene arrived the soldiers of the Red Wings, led by Golbez. Anna was shot through the chest with an arrow meant for Gilbart, who was crying over his dead mother. She fell unconscious.
She regains consciousness just in time to stop her father from hurting Gilbart too badly. She asks to be forgiven for running off by herself, and that he would get along with Gilbart because she loves both of them. Then she dies.

Later in Kaipo, she appears to Gilbart - either in his memories or as a ghost, it isn't clear - and encourages him to keep on fighting for what is right.

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