Amarant Coral

Amarant Coral (サラマンダー·コーラル [salamander coral] in Japanese) is a 26-year-old outlaw from Treno in Final Fantasy IX. Before he became an outlaw, he used to guard the Treno Auction House. For some reason, Amarant has a tendency to hide his face from everyone. In pictures he's usually displayed as facing away from the 'camera'. The same is true for all throughout the game, except for one instance. He was born in November 1773.

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Early Years

Not much is known about Amarant's early life, not even where he was born and raised. What is known is that in 1791 when he was 18 years old he started making a name for himself, presumably as a good fighter. Some time after that he was picked up by the Treno Auction House, although this could have been a temporary job for him for all we know. At the very least he was on it in 1798.

In April 1798 he had the misfortune to guard the Auction House when a certain Zidane Tribal made his appearance. The result was that Amarant was unable to capture Zidane before he fled the city, and Amarant was blamed for this. When a police search was arranged for him, by May he had to leave Treno. He then became a feared mercenary. This was the situation by the game's start.

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Amarant has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, under the element of Earth.

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