Alhanalem (アルハナーレム [alhanalem] in Japanese) is a Yuke and one of the playable characters in Ring of Fates. Before, he used to be the Royal Mage (大魔導師 [oomadoushi] or Grand Mage in Japanese) of Rebena Te Ra, but nowadays is a mere tutor and friend to Yuri and Chelinka, the main characters of the game.
Alhanalem is a scholarly type for sure, always using big words and going on about the causes of things. He has green plumage, with darker green alternating with lighter green, and is 90 years old. In Japanese he has a habit of ending his sentences with ~de aru, which prompted the twins to call him Al (al and aru having identical pronunciation in Japanese).

His voice actor in the Japanese version is Keiichi Sonobe.

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Early Years


Nothing too much is known about Alhanalem's life before the game. It is known that he was employed as the Royal Mage of Rebena Te Ra, but it is unknown at what point this happened. It is also known he had something to do with the construction and upkeep of Rela Cyel, but the extent of his involvement is likewise unknown.

Alhanalem was present in Rela Cyel that fateful night when princess Tilika died and the resulting outburst of raw power destroyed Rela Cyel. Afterwards, he went to live with Latov, Aleria and Meeth Crym in a small village west of Rebena Te Ra. He ended up living in the same house with Meeth Crym so the two must have gotten along well, although it isn't known when they met.

After Latov and Aleria had their twins Yuri and Chelinka, Alhanalem became their teacher in magic, and was especially involved in the bringing up of the two after Cu Chaspel arrived to take away Aleria.

Ring of Fates

At the game's start, Alhanalem constructs a pendant out of the crystal that Chelinka has always carried since she was a mere baby. Al says it is to enable her to bring it with her easier and to prevent her from losing it.
Some time after, Al goes on a trip to gather Moogle Grass from Mt Vaal, and agrees to take the twins with him. They make their way up the mountain, and on top encounter a Zu corrupted by a red crystal. Alhanalem is surprised to hear that the twins have come across such beings before, but has no time to react much anyhow to that knowledge.
The night the three arrive from Mt Vaal, Cu Chaspel comes to the village again, this time intent on taking away the twins. Alhanalem gets caught by the temple's men, and is locked away atop Mt Vaal inside a red crystal.

Years pass, and Yuri and Chelinka grow up a bit. After Chelinka's awakening from her magic-induced catatonic state, the twins decide to try do something about their situation, and hunt down Al atop Mt Vaal, shattering the crystal around him and freeing him in the process.

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Alhanalem has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the element of Lightning.

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