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A Hume Warrior that appeared in the FFXI Novel Series.
Alfred, who is commonly called Al (アルフレッド·リード or アル in Japanese) comes from a small village in Bastok, far enough from the coast not to have seen the sea before leaving his home. He's just turned 17 at the start of the first book. His family includes his parents and his grandmother.
He has been raised to always help people in need and does this dutifully. He worries for people he knows but is also somewhat rash and likely to get into trouble.

Early Years

Only very few things are known about Al's past. He never seems to have left his home village, but his grandmother always told him stories about the world. Nevertheless, he doesn't know much about it when he first sets out.
The day he turned 17 years old, he told his parents that he'd leave the village to go adventuring. He's presumed to have left the village shortly after and made his way to Bastok right away.

The Wind of Prayer


Almost immediately after Al arrives in the city of Bastok, he comes across a girl, Cornelia Karst, who sends him out to Gustaberg to hunt for Zinc Ore for a Galka who can't do it himself. Al quite dutifully goes out, but soon catches the attention of a Goblin. He's just about to get defeated when a Galka called Max and a Hume girl called Iris Wayres come across him and take care of the Goblin. Afterwards, Al sticks with the two and since Iris is just starting out herself, starts training with her. Max has other duties in Bastok.
The two train and run small errands in and around Bastok, until they happen to hear about an attack force being sent to Palborough Mines. By some happenstance, Al becomes the leader of a four-man party with him and Iris and two others they meet - Peta and Jed.
The four take part in the battles at Palborough until coming across a weird Quadav that is filled with gunpowder. They're tipped off to this fact by a Mithra treasure hunter who happened to be at the mines. She's called Shera.

Al's party receives recognition for their participating in the Palborough battles, and are sent on a mission to San d'Oria. This time, Max joins them too, although a little late. On the way to San d'Oria the party is ambushed by the undead, and as a result of Iris completely freezing, it almost turns out to be their end. In the nearby Selbina, Max tells Al and the others that the reason why Iris froze up so badly was because her parents were killed by undead when she was just four years old.
Afterwards, the party reaches San d'Oria with hardly an incident (except an encounter with a Battering Ram at La Theine Plateau that temporarily separates Al and Iris from the rest). In San d'Oria they receive orders to join an attack force on the Ghelsba Outpost. That they do, and manage to retrieve blueprints of an Orcish Warmachine.

The Oath of Stars

In the second book, Al's party is on their way to Windurst from San d'Oria. They take the Mhaura-Selbina ferry, but come nightfall are attacked by a ship of the undead. In the ensuing battle, Iris and Max notice that one of the undead mages in the attacking force was Flam Wayres, Iris's father.

Some time later, the ferry lands in Mhaura and Al's party makes its way to Windurst. There, they discover they have some free time as the consul of Bastok isn't in Windurst at the present. Al accompanies Iris to the Aurastery, where she gets a task from Shantotto to bring her a Starfall Tear. Al and Iris go in hunt of the Tear, and end up in Sarutabaruta right outside of Windurst. There they meet up with Cheet, a Tarutaru Monk they had rescued earlier, who shows them the place Starfall Tears can be obtained. They spend a peaceful evening conversing and looking at falling stars in the sky.
The next morning, the consul is back and Al's party receives instructions to go subdue a monster rampaging at Giddeus. However, Max has received word that the Korroloka Tunnel has been opened, and leaves. In search of a suitable replacement for him, Al and Iris meet up with the Star Onion Brigade, who grant them honorary membership.
The party leaves for Giddeus, and is reinforced by Cheet's presence. They take down the Searcher and the Black Dragon, and receive word that the recent happenings are just the heralds of the Shadow Lord's return.

The Eternal Bond

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Wings Take Me Far Away

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