Alfgar is one of the town criers who appeared in Ul'dah in the days before the Calamity. He could be heard warning people away from Urianger Augurelt who was trying to warn people of the approaching disaster. Later, he would spread word about Imperial invasions around Ul'dahn areas, mentioning how powerful and unstoppable they were. He was also involved in the Lambs of Dalamud event.

Alfgar's role in Ul'dah was later taken over by Bloehyr.


Alfgar is not involved in any quests


(June 2011, broadcast)
Alfgar: Hearken adventurers of Eorzea! Ware you the venomous words of false prophets!

(speak to him)
Alfgar: Adventurer! I ask that you heed not the foul lies of those claiming knowledge of future happenings!
(Inquire further? Who are these false prophets?)
Alfgar: They appear near aetheryte camps, bedraped in shadowy robes, preaching their untruths to any and all who will listen. Keep your distance, traveler, lest you become tangled in their web of deceit.
(Are we in any danger?)
Alfgar: We are all in danger, for fear can drive a man to terrible deeds, and it is seeds of fear that these false prophets wish to plant in our hearts and our minds. They are not the Archons of legend. They are not our saviors. They only foster unrest.

(July 2011, broadcast)
Alfgar: Gods preserve us, the Empire has come! Run! Run for your lives!

(speak to him)
Alfgar: We're under attack from imperial troopers! If you have a care for life and limb, quit this place at once!
(How many do they number?)
Alfgar: It was only a small unit - or so it seemed at first - but no sooner did we strike one of them down than another appeared to take his place. The only conceivable explanation is that a larger force is nearby, feeding their numbers. The defending contingent is putting on a brave show, of course, but I fear the worst.
(How were they armed?)
Alfgar: The Garleans bore arms the likes of which I have never seen, and never wish to see again. And as if that weren't daunting enough, they brought monsters with them! Truly, it was the stuff of nightmares.
(Where were they seen?)
Alfgar: It was just north of Camp Horizon that the fighting broke out, but why - <gasp> You mean to enter the fray, don't you? The look in your eye makes it plain. Well, I won't deny a man his death wish, but should you live to tell the tale, I want to be the first to hear it. Just be careful out there, you hear?

(April 2012, broadcast)
Alfgar: Grave news from the front! The godsdamned Garleans have launched an attack!

Alfgar: Heed me! Roysia sends word that the Garlean devils have invaded with a powerful army! They march towards Limsa Lominsa even as we speak!
(Inquire further? How many do they number?)
Alfgar: A fleet of flying warships appeared in the sky to the southeast of Limsa Lominsa. They descended to ground and disgorged massive numbers of imperial soldiers!
(How were they armed?)
Alfgar: Roysia saw the Garleans with her own eyes, and the rumors that hey are armed with powerful weapons appear to be true. If those devils are allowed to reach Limsa Lominsa, even the gods themselves couldn't count the victims. 'Tis time for men and women of courage and honor to stand and fight!
(Where were they seen?)
Alfgar: The imperial army is to the south of Camp Bearded Rock, and may soon overrun the place. Brave Roysia is still there, sending reports on their movements. If you are the honorable man I take you for, you will hurry to the battlefield and help drive off the menace.

(Lambs of Dalamud 2012, broadcast)
Alfgar: Hear me, one and all! Religious sects are on the rise, empowered by the fear festering within men's hearts! Ware you their twisting of holy doctrine and unscrupulous undertakings!

Alfgar: Have you heard of the Lambs of Dalamud, friend? They're a doomsday cult that have been making their presence sorely felt in recent moons. No other group do more than they to sow the seeds of fear among the masses. Tho hear them speak of it, one would be forgiven for thinking the Seventh Umbral Era had already begun.
As you may have gleaned from the name, the cultists worship the lesser moon Dalamud, whom they believe will deliver the chosen - that's themselves, of course, - from the destruction to come. Sounds harmless enough, you say? Aye, save for the dark rumors circulating about them abducting townsfolk to offer as sacrifices to their god.
A distraught-looking fellow has been scouring every corner of the town of late, claiming the Lambs of Dalamud have made off with his daughter. The poor soul was over by the chocobo stables in the Mizzenmast when I last saw him. If you're not otherwise occupied, mayhap you could lend an ear to his tale.

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