Aleria (アーチェス [archess] in Japanese) is the mother of Yuri and Chelinka in Ring of Fates. She was married to Latov, and had one older sister Merchess. Aleria was an intelligent young Clavat, and was a Starsinger of great powers. She had the gift of foresight, and would pass off her prophecies as mere feelings. Aleria had bright green eyes and brown hair. She was born and raised in Rebena Te Ra and was 29 years old when she died.

Her voice actor in the Japanese version was Sayaka Kobayashi.


Early Years


The very earliest years of Aleria's life are unknown. However, when her sister Merchess became one of the temple maidens, she used to visit her quite often, and see prince Kolka quite a lot.
One day, when she was 13 years old1 and once again visiting her sister at the Crystal Temple, prince Kolka brought along a young warrior called Latov. Aleria was enchanted, and the two met many times later due to their proximity to the king, Aleria through her sister's later marriage to Kolka who obtained the throne, and Latov due to his position as the king's right-hand man. Some time after their marriage Merchess gave birth to a daughter, Tilika. She passed on soon after giving birth, so Aleria became a mother-substitute to the young princess.

When Tilika was 9 years old, king Kolka caught wind of bad tidings from the temple and sent her and Aleria to Rela Cyel to be taken to safety from there. However, the very night the two arrived in Rela Cyel there was a great storm, and the city's waterways were clogged. On top of that, Cu Chaspel from the Crystal Temple arrived and snatched away Tilika. Aleria and Latov, who at that point was in charge of Rela Cyel, went after the two down into the deepest reaches of Rela Cyel where a crystal stood, giving power to the city. However, they weren't quick enough and Tilika ended up dying, caught within the crystal.

Afterwards, Aleria and Latov, along with Alhanalem and Meeth Crym, moved to a small village west of Rebena Te Ra, where she and Latov got married and had Yuri and Chelinka. They spent a brief while as a happy family.
However, when Yuri and Chelinka were still children, Cu Chaspel arrived to the village, demanding Aleria to come with him on the Temple's orders. Aleria, hoping to protect her loved ones and knowing what was to come of her powerful children, left willingly.

Ring of Fates

Aleria's first appearance in the game is locked within a huge Crystal like princess Tilika before her, the Crystal glowing an ominous crimson around her. She was to be a conduit in bringing the power of the cursed moon upon the world, but managed to avoid that fate in the end. However, she died within the Crystal because of the overflowing power.

When Yuri and Chelinka remake the world into a happy one without Galdes during the game's ending, they create a world where both their parents are alive and well, living with the twins in their tiny village.


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Aleria has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, under the element of Water.

7-101C Aleria

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