Aldous Byron Bardorba

Duke Aldous Byron Bardorba (バルドルバ公爵 [bardorba koushaku] or 'duke Bardorba' in Japanese) is an influential main from the country of Valendia in Vagrant Story. He participated in the Valendian Civil War and became a recognized hero after it, and had a long history of political activity in the Parliament before retiring. He had (or has) a wife and at least two children, both of them boys - Joshua Corrinne Bardorba and Sydney Losstarot. He's 175 cm tall and 64 years old, and doesn't appear to have many distinct characteristics aside from being mostly bald. He dies at the end of the game.



Early Years

Not much is known of the Duke's youth. At age 28 he participated in the Valendian Civil War and became known as a hero who ended the war, and was an influential member of the Parliament ever since. It is unknown at what point it happened, but around when he was aged 40 he had a son called Sydney. It is equally unknown whether Sydney was born to his wife or out of wedlock, or even if he had a wife at the time.
Maybe it was around the time Sydney was born, but not too long after, when he started having dealings with the Dark, concealing events that would have disturbed the general populace and attempting to harness its power for his own use. Around the same time period he also founded the Mullenkamp Cult, although this might not have been until Sydney was old enough to lead it. Nevertheless, the true leader of the cult was always the Duke himself.

It bears noting that while Sydney might or might not have been as a publicly recognized heir to the Duke, he certainly wasn't known to be such or recognized by appearance when he started his work as the decoy leader of the Cult. It might be that he was born for the sole purpose of being an aid to the Duke's machinations with the Dark, although this is mere speculation. However, it would seem to fit the Duke's personality, sacrificing anything to get the 'curse' of Mullenkamp undone from his family lines.

When the Duke was 60 years old, a mere four years ago, his second son Joshua was born. For certain, this boy at least is known to be his prized heir. Shortly after the birth of Joshua, the Duke retired from the Valendian Parliament, citing health reasons.

Vagrant Story

During the early stages of the game itself, the Duke has escaped unnoticed from his primary residence in the Graylands during the attack of the Mullenkamp Cult on it, leaving behind all of his family and most of his servants. Directly after he headed for his secondary residence, where he remained to give out orders as necessary. When it became apparent in what direction the attack of the Cult was going, he ordered his family and staff to be left to be killed, by the Cult or by the counterattack on it, he cared not. His only worry was that Joshua remain safe, and seemed worried to death of the boy's fate.

A week after the Graylands Incident the Duke died in his own manor, passing away after plunging a dagger to his own chest after a visit from his dead son Sydney. The truth of the matter was never known to the government of Valendia, and Ashley Riot was charged with his murder.


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