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Aldo (アルド [aldo] in Japanese) is the son of Mathilde and nephew of Aldo in Final Fantasy XI. He appears exclusively in the A Crystalline Prophecy story. His age is unknown, although going by his appearance it cannot be much more than early teens at most. This means he would have been born sometime after the year 880 CE.
He shares a striking resemblance with his uncle, having the blond hair and blue eyes that seem to be a family trademark. The name and status of his father is unknown.



It can be presumed that since Mathilde (Emeline by her real name), his mother, has lived in Selbina since the Crystal War, Aldo was born there as well. However, there is no mention in the game of how he has lived in the game. It may also be that his father lives somewhere else than Selbina, and that he has gone with his father instead of staying at Selbina with his mother.

Whatever the case, when the Seed Crystal took Mathilde young Aldo was taken along with her. However, the Crystal's grip on his dreams were more loose than on Mathilde, and Aldo's spirit could roam free throughout the lands. When the Seed Crystal appeared above the skies of Vana'diel, he appeared in Lower Jeuno and talked to the player character witnessing the event. Already at this point he was aware of the threat the Crystal posed to the world, and of the way to defeat it. He commanded the player to gather three Seedspalls and bring them to Qufim, where they would find out more.

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