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Aldo (アルド [aldo] in Japanese) is one of the main characters in various early storylines in Final Fantasy XI. He lost his family at an early age, although one blood relative, Emeline is known. In addition, in the present he is close to Verena, the daughter of his adopted father Gretzo. He's a blond Hume with grey eyes, and while his exact age is unknown it can be deduced to be around 25-32 years old by the events of the game. In the present, he is the head of Tenshodo and lives in Jeuno with Verena, although he was born in Tavnazia.


Early Years

Aldo was born in Tavnazia some 5-12 years before the start of the Crystal War. He had (at least) one older sister Emeline. Nothing much is known about his life in Tavnazia, although it appears that his family may have been poor. His relatively peaceful life was interrupted by the Crystal War, and the invasion of Beastmen around the half-way mark of the war. Tavnazia was destroyed, although Aldo managed to escape.


The young Aldo somehow ended up meeting Gilgamesh. It is unknown if he spent any time at all in Norg, although later Gilgamesh introduced Aldo to Gretzo1, who adopted him and raised him to be the next leader of Tenshodo, and Aldo ended up living in Jeuno. Gretzo had a daughter of his own called Verena, and Aldo grew up with her.

Shadow Lord

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Rise of the Zilart

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Chains of Promathia

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A Shantotto Ascension

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Aldo has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, under the element of Ice.

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