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Ser Alberic Bale is a member of the dragoons of Ishgard in Final Fantasy XIV. In his youth he was the Azur Dragoon, but lost his powers in a battle. He raised an orphan called Estinien, who in his turn became an Azure Dragoon, and later trained an adventurer who became one as well. Nothing else is known about his life.

Alberic can be found at the Gates of Judgment, right in front of the city of Ishgard.


Not much is known about Alberic's early life, except that he must have started training early on to be one of the dragoons of Ishgard, and to have the capabilities to take on the powers and duties of an Azure Dragoon. It's unknown how he became one, but at some point the Eye (Soul of a Dragoon) chose him and he became one.

At that time the dragons of Dravania were active against the people of Ishgard, and were lead by the great wyrm Nidhogg, whose eye is in the possession of the Azure Dragoon. Alberic's duty as the Azure Dragoon was naturally to spearhead the war against Nidhogg and his dragon hordes, and he did that dutifully. However, one day Nidhogg attacked a remote hamlet, and Alberic went up against him alone. The hamlet was destroyed, and Alberic, afraid of the call of the dragons that he felt now more keenly than ever as well as fearing having to face Nidhogg once again, gave up his powers as the Azure Dragoon. He took the sole survivor of the massacre, the young Estinien, and raised him.

Then came the time when the Eye chose Estinien as the Azure Dragoon. Alberic couldn't have been more proud. However, then Estinien stole the Eye and left Ishgard for the Black Shroud. Being the dutiful man he was, Alberic took it upon himself to arrange the capture of Estinien and the recovery of the Eye. He contacted Gridanian authorities for help, and they sent him an adventurer. Alberic sent this adventurer in search of Estinien, and the adventurer ended up chosen by the Eye - an unknown occurrence, for there had never been two Azure Dragoons at a time before. Alberic took it upon himself to train the new Dragoon in their powers while continuing the search for Estinien.

Surprisingly, one day Estinien contacted Alberic and asked to meet him. Alberic took the adventurer with him and met his one-time son. Estinien warned them that Nidhogg was stirring, and that they needed all the help they could. Some time later, another meeting was arranged. This time did not go so well, as now Estinien had found out that it was Alberic's actions that enabled Nidhogg to destroy his home and his family. Estinien called upon the power of the dragons and was consumed by their power. The adventurer, the newest Azure Dragoon fought him, only to have Estinien be taken to Nidhogg's side before his defeat.

It is unknown how Alberic took these events, but he continued having friendly relations with the brand-new Azure Dragoon.


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