Alain Brooks

Alain Brooks is a Sergeant Second Class from the Maelstrom in Final Fantasy XIV. He isn't among the Maelstrom's ranks by choice, as his father (a Coral Tower official) pressured him to joining, and then used his influence to have Alain rise in the ranks. Alain himself does not like fighting and would rather stay far from it, and is more likely to freeze than to lead under stress. He's 19 years old.

Alain was stationed near the Kobold encampment close to Bloodshore in course of a Lominsan attack on the place. This is all of his appearances for now, although Lieutenant Guincum is known to not be happy with him.


The Maelstrom
The Weakest Link


Storm Sergeant Brooks: Oh why did Father convince me to enlist in the Maelstrom!? What was he thinking!? I've only seen nineteen summers. I don't want to die. I don't belong here. I don't belong heeere! <sob>

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