Aki Ross

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Doctor Aki Ross was born on October 7th 2038 in San Fransisco. At the time of the movie she is 27 years old, and works under Doctor Sid's researching ways to stop the Phantoms without using excessive force. She's 170 cm tall and weights 56 kg. Her blood type is A, and her sun sign is Libra.
Aki Ross was voiced by Ming-Na in the English version of the movie.

While Aki was created with the intention using her for several other things than just the movie, in the end the closing down of Square Pictures prevented this. Her only achievement as such is an appearance on Maxim's sexiest women 2001 list, at number 87 out of 100.


Early Years


Aki Ross was born seven years after the Leonid Meteor fell on Earth. Nothing is known of her parents or her early home. However, it is known that she is intelligent and early on in her life became an expert in her field. She studied Environmental and Wasteland Reconnaissance. She also received aerospace training in the Houston Military Academy. It was there that she met Gray Edwards, and became involved with him after being assigned on the same mission with him.

After the Military Academy, Aki went to New York to complete her doctorate, and soon became an advocate of the Wave Theory. She then started her research with Doctor Sid. However, she kept in touch with Gray until during an experiment she became infected with phantom particles. As a result, she shut herself off from most of the people she knew.
Aki's infection brought the spirit wave research ahead quickly, out of necessity to save her life. However, the phantom inside her made her start having a certain dream night after night. This started sometime around October 2065.

The Spirits Within

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