Ajido-Marujido (アジドマルジド [ajido-marujido] in Japanese) is the current Minister of Orastery in Final Fantasy XI. He's somewhat of an elite personality, exactly what was needed to succeed Shantotto as the Minister. Not much is known about his family, although it includes his father Zonpa-Zippa and his younger sister Apururu. He frequently conducts weird experiments and isn't too well trusted in Windurst.


Wings of the Goddess

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Early Years


Nothing much is known about his early years in the actual timeline. He was presumably as big-headed as a child as in the Wings of the Goddess story though. After the Crystal War his father Zonpa-Zippa disappeared, and Minister Shantotto took in Ajido and Apururu. At some point, he became the Minister of Orastery as per Shantotto's plans.

Some time before the Windurst missions start, Ajido-Marujido has been conducting experiments, trying to develop a 'new type of magic', fueled on by his belief that the weakening Windurstian army would not survive another war as it is. From the in-game dialogue it is evident that he is trying to revive the art of Summoning after Karaha-Baruha died with the knowledge of it.

The Windurst Story

The first mission of rank 1 in Windurst has Ajido-Marujido requesting an adventurer's aid to conduct some experiments in Horutoto Ruins on the Mana Orbs that power Cardians. This likely happens in early 886 CE. However, the exact nature of these experiments is not known because the adventurer arrives too late and the impatient Ajido has already finished with his experiments. He leaves, warning the adventurer that some of the orbs might have been broken by what he did.
His next appearance comes by the end of mission 1-3, when he's trying to persuade some Rhinostery employees to make their minister open the entrance to Toraimarai Canal. He gives his reason as being the importance of finding Karaha-Baruha's laboratory that is hidden somewhere in Toraimarai, and shows that he hasn't given up on reviving the art of Summoning.

Afterwards, Ajido-Marujido somehow finds out that Nanaa Mihgo has been looting Karaha-Baruha's laboratory, possibly from some Cardians. He makes a deal with those Cardians and starts tracking down Nanaa until one day they come trap her in her secret base below the Horutoto Ruins, where the adventurer who was sent to help him out earlier is trying - and failing - to confront Nanaa over a stolen Orastery book. Ajido makes her give up the key to Karaha-Baruha's old house where she's hidden her loot.
Soon after, he makes his way to the House of the Hero, and comes upon the stolen Orastery book among other things. The adventurer has followed him there, and after it turns out that the book was actually the Book of the Gods but all the pages were blank, Ajido-Marujido tells them to deliver word to the Optistery minister that the Book of Gods has turned blank.


Because of these events, due to searching out the Book of the Gods, Ajido-Marujido is forbidden to seek any further audiences with the Star Sibyl. For the next while, he presumably tries finding a way to deal with the blank book by himself. When his waiting has no effect, he one day gets fed up with it and heads to the Star Tree with the book, giving it to Semih Lafihna and telling her to hand the book to the Star Sibyl. He then heads off to Castle Oztroja.

Somehow, Ajido-Marujido manages to infiltrate the deepest reaches of Castle Oztroja and gains audience with the Yagudo king. He tells Ajido that the cause of the decline of fertility and other troubles around Windurst has been the Horutoto Ruins sucking out the magic of the land. After his audience, Ajido-Marujido manages to get out, but not in very good condition. The same adventurer from before finds him, having received orders from Semih Lafihna to follow Ajido from Windurst and keep an eye on what he's doing. After a brief respite, the two get out of Oztroja, although Ajido somewhat wounded. While in Oztroja, Ajido-Marujido drops the ring that is the key to the House of the Hero, and the adventurer picks it up.
When Semih Lafihna hears from the adventurer what Ajido-Marujido has been up to, she gives Ajido one final warning that if he continues the way he has been going, she would have no choice but to get rid of him permanently.

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Ajido-Marujido has appeared several times in the FF-TCG series under the element of Fire.

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