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Adventuring Fellows in Final Fantasy XI are an unlockable NPC helper you can call for under certain circumstances. While having your Fellow out gives you a small penalty in exp you gain, a Fellow can help you beat much tougher opponents than you could solo. However, note that Fellows cannot enter certain areas - mainly BCNMs, level capped zones, and Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas.

You can get a Fellow after reaching rank 4 in your current home nation, and your NPC will start at level 30 with a maximum level of 70. They can be any race or gender, and you can choose their appearance freely from a list while unlocking it. Once called, a Fellow will stay by your side as long as your current bond rate will allow, or you enter an area that the Fellow cannot enter.
Your Adventuring Fellow cannot enter cities, although in the three nations and Jeuno there are special Rendezvous Points that allow you to talk to your Fellow and modify them. At field areas after calling for your Fellow, you can talk to them - however, you cannot modify your fellow on the field.

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The Quests

Signal Pearl

Once you've reached rank 4, to begin the Fellow series of quests you must enter Upper Jeuno and talk to Luto Mewrilah. This will start the first of the unlocking quests, and will set you on your way for the eventual obtaining of a Signal Pearl - the item that will allow you to call upon your Fellow. This series of three quests will also define the appearance and personality of your Fellow - refer to the quest pages for the details. Once chosen, your current Fellow's personality and appearance cannot be changed, if you later regret your choices you will have to start the line of quests all over. The new Fellow you will gain will not retain the old one's current level or bond, but will instead start out as a completely new one. Should you decide to start over, you must talk to Luto Mewrilah and select the option "I want to start over."
The three prerequisite quests have been listed below.

Unlisted Qualities
Girl in the Looking Glass
Mirror, Mirror

Once you've finished these quests, there are several others that continue the Fellow storyline. These quests can be divided into three types, the ones that raise your maximum bond level, ones that raise your Fellow's maximum level, and others.

Bond Quests

When newly created, your Adventuring Fellow will have a bond cap of 30. Upon reaching this cap, you will have to complete a quest to raise it, and repeat the process at each bond cap. Refer below in the section Fellow Bond for details on the effects of the bond and how to raise it. The maximum bond you can have is 120.
The quests for breaking bond cap are listed below.

Bond 30 - Past Reflections
Bond 50 - Blighted Gloom
Bond 70 - Blessed Radiance
Bond 90 - Mirror Images

Level Quests

Right after creation, your Adventuring Fellow will have a maximum level cap of 50. This can be raised to a maximum of 70 through a series of quests. Please note that to start the Fellow level break quests, in addition to having your Fellow be level 50, you will also have to have completed the quest A Pose by Any Other Name and to have sufficient Fellow bond. Note that starting from Regaining Trust, your Fellow's level only needs to be 4 levels below the cap mentioned to be able to flag the quest.
The quests for breaking level cap are listed below.

Level 50/bond 35+ - Picture Perfect
Level 55/bond 55+ - Regaining Trust
Level 60/bond 80+ - Mixed Signals
Level 65/bond 110+ - Clash of the Comrades


There is a quest that allows you to gain another type of a pearl - the Tactics Pearl. While the Signal Pearl has unlimited charges and a long recharge time, the Tactics Pearl has only four charges, but a very short recharge time. The Tactics Pearl quest can be repeated once every Conquest week. However, you cannot get the Tactics Pearl quest until you have a minimum of 35 bond. To be able to complete the quest, you will also have to have reached the Chains of Promathia mission [[FFXI - Below the Arks|Below the Arks]]. Do not worry if you haven't yet, all that is required is watching some cutscenes and talking to a few people in cities.
Note also that the Tactics Pearl quest will never appear in your quest list. Should you need to check if you have the quest active currently, check your temporary key items for the Emptiness Investigation Note. If you have it, you have the quest active.

The Tactics Pearl

The final actual quest is one that allows you to further specify how your Fellow will behave in battle. This quest can be flagged once your bond reaches 65.

Chameleon Capers

While it is not a complete quest, the ability to call for your Fellow in the Wings of the Goddess areas does have a prerequisite. To unlock this ability, head to Sauromugue Champaign (S) and the Cavernous Maw there. You must use it to travel to the present. Upon doing so, you will get a cutscene detailing how your fellow ended up in the past.
Note that if it is your first time using the Sauromugue S Maw, you will not be able to get this cutscene, and will instead merely unlock the Maw to be used from the present day. Should this be your first time using the Maw, simply head back to the past and use the Maw again to get your cutscene.

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