Adelbert Steiner

Adelbert Steiner (アデルバート·スタイナー [adelbert steiner] in Japanese) - or just Steiner, as he is more commonly known - is the leader of the Knights of Pluto of Alexandria from Final Fantasy IX. He's a stern and serious type with a gentle heart, although can go to extremes in the pursuit of his duty. He's 33 years old and was born in March 1766.

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Early Years

Adelbert Steiner was born in 1766, presumably in Alexandria. No details of his family or his early living situations is known. However, there was a war between the three countries of Alexandria, Lindblum and Burmecia around 1770. Right at the end of the war in 1771, during the Airship Revolution, the young Adelbert lost his parents and became a war orphan.

It might have been because of this incident that he became determined to become a knight. He finally reached his goal in 1782 when he became a knight of Alexandria, aged a mere 16 years. It's presumed he spent the years following in the pursuit of his duties and honing his skills as a knight. Some time presumably after he gained his knighthood he met the young Beatrix. It's unknown what they thought of each other back then, but in the year 1789, when Steiner was 23 years old, he and Beatrix battled over the captainhood of the Knights of Pluto, and Steiner won. He has stayed in the position ever since.

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Steiner has appeared several times in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire element.

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