Acheufagais R d'Oraguille

King Acheufagais R d'Oraguille (アスファーグ・R・ドラギーユ [acheufagais R d'Oraguille] in Japanese), the ninth king of San d'Oria, was also known as the Warking. He was born in 542 of the Crystal Era, and died in the year 567, aged only 25. He was the fourth son of his father Resviel R d'Oraguille, and is known to have slain at least one of his step-brothers.



He obtained the throne in 558 after his father's death1, aged only 16 at the time. This was a bad time for San d'Oria, as the Orcish Imperial Army sent a division to Quon the very next year. King Acheufagais became known through his deeds in battle first fighting these orcs to drive them away form San d'Oria, and later by warring with Bastok. He is said to have participated in 33 battles in his life, and that earned him the title of Warking.

Some battles that are known to have happened2 are the battle in 560 CE against Windurst on the Jeuno Strait. He won these battles for San d'Oria, gaining the control of four fortresses, and subsequently abandoned said fortresses.
His next deed in 561 CE was to battle Orcish forces in Uleguerand Range, where he completely decimated them. It is said that after his victory he threw 1,000 orcs off a cliff to drive the point home.
In 563 CE he assaulted Hume settlements in Konschtat Highlands with the Royal Knights. This became known as the First Battle of Konschtat. That time, he led San d'Oria to victory.

It seems that his last years were spent in relative peace. In 564 CE the Victory Arch separating Southern and Northern San d'Oria was completed in honor of his name. In 565 CE he picked out a personal guard from among elite soldiers.

Two years from that, he died without heirs, making the next ruler of San d'Oria his cousin Marelinne R d'Oraguille. The official reason given for his death was due to complications from battle wounds, although among the San d'Orian nobility of the time there were rumors of foul play.

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