A'shakkal is a Miqo'te woman within the Drowning Wench of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. She introduces and aids in the creation and management of linkshells.


A'shakkal is not involved in any quests.


A'shakkal: I represent the interests of the nations in educating adventurers on the technologies available for strengthening the bonds between them.
To that end, I would like to introduce to you the 'linkshell'. Would you care to hear more?
A linkshell enables you to communicate with others over any distance, as if they were before your very eyes!
You may have as many as 8 linkshells open at any given time, allowing you to communicate simultaneously with any number of people.
The only time your physical presence is required is when you wish to give or receive a linkshell.
(if no LS)
A'shakkal: Would you care to give it a try? I can create a personal linkshell for you now, if you like.
(What would you like to do? Create a linkshell/Forget the whole thing)
(Disband a linkshell)
A'shakkal: These things happen. Which linkshell would you like to do away with?
(Change LS crest)
A'shakkal: Which linkshell's crest would you like to change?

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