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Tarbh Uisge


One of the last great buffalo of Vylbrand, Tarbh Uisge was captured while still a calf by an ambitious mummer and trained to entertain audiences around Eorzea. Repeated application of stimulatory and suppressive magicks, however, have slowly eaten away at the beast's sanity, rendering it violent and unpredictable. After its capture nearly a decade ago, Tarbh Uisge was imprisoned on a remote island in the Rhotano Sea and soon forgotten by all…

Wanted: Tarbh Uisge


Not long ago, Mathistien of the Cloven Hoof and his traveling grotesquery was one of the realm's most popular exhibitions. People would flock from all around the countryside to see such spectacles as the two-headed nannygoat, the hairless phurble, and the show's main attraction—the colossal Tarbh Uisge. However, it was not until after the giant creature broke loose from its fetters and trampled through Limsa Lominsa, starting a fire that destroyed hundreds of buildings and killed countless innocent citizens, including two high-ranking thalassocratic officials, that it was revealed that Mathistien was actually an assassin for the Zer'maat Five. Needless to say, the mummer was promptly arrested and exiled to a lonely island prison in the Cieldalaes, where he has remained in solitude for the past ten years…or so we thought, for lately there have been rumors that the assassin has fled his island prison and is not only back on Vylbrand, but has brought with him his loyal pet, Tarbh Uisge. Azeyma's Shields is certain that this is the work of the Zer'maat Five, and will stop at nothing to recapture this dangerous criminal and bring him back to justice.

Levequest Location

Those who are successful in slaying Tarbh Uisge will be rewarded with a special item known as an Allagan runestone. There are a dozen in all, each representing one of the twelve deities who watch over the peoples of Eorzea. Rumor has that in Ul'dah resides a young trader named Rowena who seeks these rare stones and is offering pieces of finely crafted equipment in exchange.

The following is an example of some of the items available for barter:

Templar Armor

Worn by Ishgardian temple knights who have pledged their lives in service of the Fury, this suit of stunning silver plate and chain is an breathtaking display of master craftsmanship.

Favors: GLA MRD LNC ARM MIN Optimal Rank: 49 Runestone Required
nms_templararmor.jpg Templar's Chain Coif
o Defense 67
o Magic Defense 56
o Evasion 12
o Resilience 63
o HP: +30
o DEX: +3
o Elemental Resistances: +18
Allagan Runestone - Byregot
Templar's Haubergeon
o Defense 130
o Magic Defense 78
o Evasion 28
o Resilience 63
o STR: +8
o DEX: +4
o Elemental Resistances: +23
Allagan Runestone - Rhalgr
Templar's Sollerets
o Defense 50
o Magic Defense 50
o Evasion 20
o Resilience 52
o STR: +1
o Elemental Resistances: +12
Allagan Runestone - Llymlaen
Templar's Tassets
o Defense 17
o Magic Defense 16
o Evasion 7
o Resilience 16
o HP: +14
o MP: +6
o Elemental Resistances: +7
Allagan Runestone - Halone
  • The aforementioned items are still under development and may change before the time of their release.

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