Vol 24 The Story Behind AMAN

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According to the latest report from the Jeuno Chamber of Commerce and Industry, more and more people are pursuing the profession of adventurer.

Regarding the influx of aspiring young adventurers, one veteran said:

“I was passing through Bastok one day when two new adventurers, a man and a woman, stopped me to ask for directions. As I led them around the city, I remembered my own early days as an adventurer. I didn’t know which end of the sword to grip and I couldn’t even find the chocobo stables by smell. I was at a complete loss.”

The Hume woman, clad in chain mail armor, drifted off in nostalgic reverie as she spoke.

“It wasn’t so long ago that I was a rookie myself. I understand what they’re going through, so I want to lend a hand in any way I can. But it’s not always easy to tell who needs help.”

Perhaps it was just coincidence, but the day after I spoke with the woman, there was an announcement that a new nongovernmental organization had been established.

The Adventurers’ Mutual Aid Network (A.M.A.N.) was founded by merchants and adventurers to help cultivate skilled adventurers.

Adventurers who register with A.M.A.N. become certified “mentors” and provide new adventurers with help and advice.

There have always been seasoned adventurers out there assisting rookies. There is much support for this, and this spirit of helping others is spreading throughout adventuring circles. The birth of A.M.A.N. is evidence of that.

So what prompted merchants to get involved? I spoke with one to learn more about what he gained from supporting adventurers.

“Those of us in the commerce trades have quite a lot riding on the future of new adventurers. I think it’s pretty clear that more skilled adventurers mean a safer trading environment,” said a fellow in Northern San d’Oria.

He is a wholesaler who specializes in sage and frost turnips from Valdeaunia. He travels there himself to gather his wares and then carries them back to San d’Oria.

“You do know that profit is not worth dying for, don’t you lady? Money’s the last thing on your mind when you come across a bunch of beastmen on the road. In a situation like that, I’d be happy to just get away in one piece. I can’t even count how many traders I know that have had to ditch their entire load just to save their own skin.”

Though many routes are reliably served by airship and chocobo, this man must set out for uninhabited, hostile lands. To him, nothing is more important than safety.

“The sooner these newcomers earn their stripes, the better. Then they can go out and clear the roads so we can trade in peace. And I won’t complain if they decide to purchase some of my wares along the way,” he declared with a grin as he left the city to restock his inventory.

This got me thinking. Merchants helped establish A.M.A.N. not just to secure the roads; they sought to further trade and prosperity in Vana’diel.

As seasoned adventurers fell the monsters that would otherwise make short work of the merchants, they also reap valuable items and materials to sell in auction houses and bazaars. Furthermore, adventurers skilled at crafting can use these materials to create superior products.

It doesn’t end there. Adventurers are consumers above all, and active ones at that. They have yet to disappoint merchants in this regard.

Merchants undoubtedly helped establish A.M.A.N. because their future depends on the young adventurers who are such a vital part of the economy.

And what of adventurers who wish to be mentors? How do they go about it?

The answer is simple: Talk to one of the A.M.A.N. representatives stationed in the three nations.

I spoke with Emeige, an A.M.A.N. representative standing in front of Chateau d’Oraguille.

“It is really quite easy,” she said with a smile. “There are no difficult examinations or trials. Any adventurer who meets the specified conditions can register as a mentor. There is no need to worry about time constraints, either. Mentors can indicate when they are available and need not be bothered with questions when they are busy.”

In other words, mentors are free to participate at their leisure, as their circumstances allow.

That being the case, even the busiest adventurers can register as mentors without worrying about heavy demands on their time.

Young adventurers assisted by mentors today will soon become veterans who can mentor the next generation of adventurers.

As I imagined that future, I suddenly realized that I was smiling.

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