Vol 24 A Passion for Eggs

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“I tried really hard, but I couldn’t remember all the combinations. My memory’s not so hot…” said Bressedtooth (Gilgamesh).

“I suddenly found myself fervently collecting initial eggs,” said Vally (Leviathan).

“All three nations were so crowded that I couldn’t breathe,” said Yuuri (Diabolos).

Every one of these adventurers took part in the Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza, a trading and collecting event devised by the Moogles.

Adventurers participated in this simple game, which was based on the letters inscribed on the initial eggs. After gathering initial eggs from Moogles or other sources, the eggs were traded back to the Moogles in the following combinations.

First 3: The first three letters of your name.

Initial 8: A run of eight consecutive letters, starting with the first letter of your name.

7 of a Kind: Seven eggs of the same letter.

Creating these combinations required quite a few eggs. But the Moogles only gave out one egg per adventurer per day—so many adventurers busied themselves with gathering the eggs they needed during the event.

Some adventurers sought out old friends they hadn’t seen in ages while others shouted offers for trades. Some sold eggs through their bazaars, while others tried to gather the eggs all on their own. There were as many ways to gather eggs as there were people gathering them.

An adventurer named Cartzwell (Diabolos) was of the opinion that “It’s dishonorable to sell these for monetary gain.”

That said, for every adventurer giving away eggs for free, there was one selling them on the streets for a large profit. With different letters going for different prices, many sellers saw a lucrative opportunity, while many buyers appreciated the chance to shop around.

One person had a rather unique take on the event.

An adventurer known only as “Jneko” (Ragnarok) said, “I saw one adventurer handling egg deliveries himself because the delivery services wouldn’t deal with the initial eggs.”

It seems that adventurers throw themselves into whatever they do—even if it’s commerce.

The Egg Hunt also caused a run on egg products in the marketplace. Because Moogles were handing out extra initial eggs to people who traded in another egg, adventurers were purchasing anything with the word “egg” on it to see how the Moogles would react. And some adventurers did other things to spur this demand. Popple (Gilgamesh) was one such person, saying, “In my rush to get Seven of a Kind, I accidentally bought regular bird eggs. They look exactly the same…”

So why were adventurers so interested in gathering the right eggs for a combination?

As mentioned above, it was possible to make a combination on one’s own, but it was much more efficient to trade with other adventurers to obtain the necessary eggs. The egg hunt is really a microcosm of adventuring, and many combined it with their adventuring.

Perhaps it was the chance for rookies and veterans to interact with each other that made the event so interesting.

“Some people got so wrapped up in gathering initial eggs that they didn’t notice when the event ended. There were still people shouting on the auction house steps,” said Coco (Caitsith).

We can see that the flames of an adventurer’s passion burn hot enough to hard-boil an egg—and such flames are not easily extinguished!

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