Vol 20 Sparkling Lights of Vana'diel

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You’ve probably seen the sparkling trees in San d’Oria, Bastok, and Windurst. If not, let me explain where to find them.
In San d’Oria, visit the parade grounds in Northern San d’Oria to see the city’s most impressive display.
The trees standing on either side of the fountain are draped with red and green streamers that form an archway leading to Chateau d’Oraguille. No one seems to tire of gazing at the colorful decorations adorning the tree branches. When the sun sets, the trees go from striking to spectacular. They seem to beckon the viewer to an irresistible fantasy world.
Many spectators stood beneath the trees the night I went out to gather information.
One group of adventurers had settled themselves in the square for a full night of merrymaking under the lights. Nearby stood Antonian, a merchant selling specialty goods. He was catching the snowflakes that drifted down from the sky and gazing at them in wonder as they melted in his hands.
I passed through Victory Arch into Southern San d’Oria. Beautifully decorated city streets greeted my eyes and cheered my heart.
Even the tireless Raminel took a break from his labors to see the sights in Victory Square and Pikeman’s Way.
An old woman living in a house along the street merrily said, “My balcony has the best seats in all of San d’Oria.”
In Bastok, the trees in the market district are drawing the most attention.
The four trees that surround the fountain are supported by a giant metallic brace, the frame itself covered in decoration. The overall impression is of a very technically advanced country.
“Are crystals making it shine? Magic? Those surely aren’t jewels!” laughed a goldsmith, shaking her head at the dazzling display on Gold Street.
The tree in Port Bastok is quite impressive, reminiscent of a bell.
That tree greets customers visiting the Steaming Sheep restaurant. Pelinvarde, a fortune-teller standing outside, smiled as he watched a pair of lovers taking in the sights.
The tree in the fountain plaza of Windurst Woods is certainly worth a look.
Windurst has always cherished harmony with nature. So it is no surprise that its residents chose to decorate the trees that have long stood there rather than set up new ones for the occasion. If you look closely, you can see Star Tree and fluoro-flora motifs running through the ornaments.
I met Seno Zarhin in the square. She seemed quite happy with the decorations there. With tail waving as she walked, she never wandered far from the tree.
A pair of Tarutaru sisters romped about the outer steps of the Manustery, a spot which offers an excellent view of the lights. They had gotten some of Professor Koru-Moru’s latest fireworks from a moogle and were tossing them about, innocently exclaiming, “They’re beautiful! The professor is amazing!” It was a heartwarming scene.
The girls said that besides Koru-Moru’s newest fireworks, “San d’Oria Flash” and “Bastok Snow” are also being handed out. When I went to talk to the moogle, he gave me some unusual fireworks that were actually different from the three types that the girls had mentioned.
Seeing the trees in all three nations and talking to the citizens there reminded me how much people can love their homelands. Their pride was evident as they watched over their trees.
Only one thing worries me: What has become of last year’s trees?
What happened to the large trees with the strange faces that the Rhinostery presented to the other nations last year?
Am I the only one who has a bad feeling about this?

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