The Doll Festival (2009)

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Kupold: Yes, adventurers, it’s that time of year again! It’s a splendid season, where we release all of our pent-up anger and frustration through the most satisfying act of manufacturing makeshift mannequins fashioned after those who annoy us the most, then proceeding to pummel, prick, and inflict a plethora of other pernicious punishments upon them! How do you like that, Kupeliont? Still think I have pamamas for brains, kupo? Take that…and that! Bwahahahaha!

Kupulele: Er… I don’t think it’s that kind of Doll Festival, Kupold.

Kupold: …and that! Who’s a smelly stink bat now, Kupeliont? Mwahahahaha!
Ahem! Where was I?
What I meant to say was, yes, the Doll Festival is among our most elegant and refined holidays—an occasion to decorate our domiciles with delightful dolls and pray for the health and happiness of daughters, nieces, and all the angelic little girls who bring such joy into our lives, kupo!
Behold! The ever-popular “Festival Dolls” and “Bonbori” lanterns, lovingly crafted by the MHMU's most esteemed artisans!

What’s that you say, kupo? Your Mog House is already adorned with accessories from last year’s festival?
I should remind you, then, of the time-honored Doll Festival tradition that all such items should be donated to your friendly neighborhood moogle before you will be permitted to acquire anything new for this year. You may find me at—

Kupulele: Dear adventurers, please pay no mind to Kupold’s ridiculous ramblings.
You are, of course, free to collect and display as many dolls and lanterns as you wish, and you might even find your good fortunes flourishing as a result!

As you can see, the Doll Festival has something to offer everyone, from delicate young maidens to grizzled, battle-hardened mercenaries. So be sure not to miss out on the festivities, kupo!


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