The 9th Annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

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Only a paltry number of days remain until May 16, when we mark the 9th year since FINAL FANTASY XI launched and Vana'diel's golden age of adventure began.

The realm has prospered for so long thanks to all you heroic adventurers, and as a small token of our undying gratitude, we would like to announce the return of that longstanding Vana'diel institution - the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign - which commences today!

As always, the lovely nomad moogle Kupolette has fluttered in to furnish us with details of the event. Look! Her emphatic greeting is a testament to her enthusiasm for this tradition. What tidings will she bring to us this year?

Wow, nine whole years, kupo! It's me, the ever-effervescent nomad moogle Kupolette, here to impart to you hearty heroes and heroines the gist of this year's Adventurer Appreciation Campaign!

But first, allow me to act for all mooglekind by commending you on completing countless quests to keep the realm in concord! We are incredibly indebted to you all, kupo!

We'll also let you peruse the chronicles of your extraordinary exploits and gift you gorgeous garments like in years past, kupo. We moogles have been busy manufacturing magnificent ensembles for every—What's that? There's a frightful famine of fine fabrics, kupo? F-fret not, fair friends! We'll manage somehow, kupo! We wouldn't want your upstanding undertakings to go unnoticed, now would we?

Also, the Mog Tablets' Super Kupowers have all been unleashed yet again! Certainly, no ordinary person could have perpetrated this propitious act, kupo. Such recondite reoccurrences remind us that these artifacts remain shrouded in mystery…

Moving on, I'd like to select from this sufficiently sized stack of letters some particularly congratulatory correspondences, kupo!

For starters, we have…
Mystical Monarchs!

Her Royal Highness Princess Claidie had the honor of addressing you this past year, as did His Majesty King Destin the year before that. This year, the honor of conveying our house's heartfelt gratitude falls upon me. Harken, adventurers! Any pugilist needs at least three things in preparation for battle: tactical prowess, cunning, and intelligence! Indeed, do not neglect to sharpen these skills with the grindstone that is your mind.

That one was from Prince Pieuje I d'Oraguille, kupo! Yet…was he preaching or praising, pray tell? Kupopo! Maybe I shouldn't be so brash as to blab such blasphemous balderdash!

C-continuing on, here's one from the Republic of Bastok's own Iron Eater.

Iron Eater here. I've always been thankful for the work you adventurers do. But we still live in a world full of hardships, so let's keep fighting the good fight together!

His polite parlance proves this Mythril Musketeer is certainly sincere, kupo. But wait—there's a postscript as well?

Naji sure knows how to make a mean rice cake, huh?
…Why do all the musketeers mention Naji so much?

The next congratulatory correspondence comes to us from the Federation of Windurst, kupo.
Well now, it seems that Sibyl Guard Semih Lafihna is the sender!

I may be parrrt of the Sibyl Guard, but you adventurrrers could be called part of the Vana'diel Guard. May the starrrs always light your way.

What a transcendent tapestry of words you've woven, Semih!
And our last—but certainly not least—letter hails to us from Jeuno, kupo.
From a Mister…Joachim? I fear I know not of that name.

I'd jus' like t' say a lil' somethin'. Ye return t' our world time 'n time agin, an' each time ye help make it better. We'd be nowhere wit'out ye.

My, how mysterious that message was. It's almost as if his diction was distorted by a dimensional disturbance, kupo…

Hm? It's already time to get this gala going, kupo? Well then, you have our thanks, adventurers! Go forth and reap your rightful rewards!!

We moogles will be waiting to hear triumphant tales of your valorous victories!
Just remember, we shall always be at your service, kupo.


Story: Miyabi Hasegawa
Illustration: Mitsuhiro Arita

Category: News

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