Relic Weapon Revival

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Eorzea has witnessed a resurgence of the old ways in recent days, as adventurers the realm over take up the ancient trades of warrior and dragoon, bard and black mage, and more. Now, it is the traditional weaponry of these old mantles that are sought, the means of their making long since lost to the ages. It would seem this longing for things past and old is not limited merely to the schools of war and magic…

Relic Weapons

The reformation of Eorzea’s Grand Companies was born of a longing in the hearts of the free peoples of Eorzea—a longing for the days of old and the peace they knew. It is a sentiment that has since spread to the realm’s adventurers, guiding them toward the rediscovery of trades from a former age that had all but died out. Small wonder, then, that those who have mastered these ancient ways of battle and sorcery now seek the weapons of eld which will enable them to realize the truest expression of their newfound powers. Thus have adventurers begun their quest for the relics.

Obtaining Relic Weapons

Relic weapons are a category of arms designed specifically for a certain job. They are obtained via the “A Relic Reborn” quest, which can be undertaken as of the release of patch 1.22b*. Only players who have completed at least one of the job quests and obtained a soiled promissory note from the NPC Rowena in Ul’dah will be eligible for this quest. Once these conditions are met, “A Relic Reborn” can be started by speaking to the NPC Gerolt at the Hawthorne Hut, found within the Black Shroud.

“A Relic Reborn” is a repeatable quest. After completing it and obtaining a relic weapon, it may be begun again to obtain a different relic weapon. It is not possible, however, to progress towards two different relic weapons simultaneously. Should you wish to pursue a different relic weapon while “A Relic Reborn” is already underway, you must abandon the quest and begin anew. Epic challenges and hard work await those who undertake “A Relic Reborn,” so please choose the object of your desire carefully, lest you find yourself coveting your neighbor’s weapon!

*Though quest progression is possible as of version 1.22b, completion will not be possible until a future patch release.

Origins of the Relic Weapons

Curtana and the Holy Shield* (Paladin)


Long has the sacred sword Oathkeeper been bestowed upon the commander of the Sultansworn, vowed protectors of Ul’dah’s ruler. Yet it is not alone in its greatness. At the time of its making, three other swords were struck from the same ore and forged in the same fires. These brethren blades, Curtana among them, were then gifted to the three noble paladins by whose hand the brotherhood of the Sultansworn was founded.

*Curtana and the Holy Shield are a set, and are awarded together.

Sphairai (Monk)


The celebrated monk Ivon Coeurlfist passed his days in ascetic seclusion atop the mountains of Gyr Abania. It was there, legend tells, that he sought out coeurls with which to vie, in a bid to advance his training. In time, he came to incorporate the natural movements of the beasts into his fighting style, and in so doing established a legacy in the martial arts which has known no rival since. Ever at his side was his beloved Sphairai, a pair of deadly striking weapons shaped in the likeness of coeurl heads.

Bravura (Warrior)


Hidden deep amidst the mountains in the northern reaches of Abalathia’s Spine there once lay a village of stark warriors, among whom lived a line of blacksmiths bound by family and forge. It is said they used molten rock given forth from the bosom of Hydaelyn to heat iron fallen from the heavens, with which they forged axes bearing a tensility and edge unlike any other. This proud line of warrior smiths has long since died out, however, and with them all knowledge of how the great axe Bravura was made.

Gae Bolg (Dragoon)


There is a custom still observed in Ishgard today which ordains that the Holy See bestow a polearm dubbed Gae Bolg upon any lancer who ascends to the station of dragoon. Exactly how his weapon is forged remains a mystery, as the very few highland smiths who create them are sworn to keep their methods secret. All that is known is that the bones of dragons slain in the name of Halone are worked into both haft and head, achieving an unmatched balance between lightness and strength.

Artemis Bow (Bard)


Godsbow—a name of great honor given only to those most accomplished with that weapon. According to the annals, the first to win that title was Gilbert, a bard celebrated for his honeyed yet thunderous voice. He is credited with having fashioned the likeness of a lyre into a bow, forming an instrument of war he simply called “Artemis.” Upon Gilbert’s death, the weapon which loosed the arrows that killed countless Ixal and played their requiems both, was taken for safekeeping by the Gods’ Quiver of Gridania.

Thyrus (White Mage)


For generations, the staff known as Thyrus was passed down as an heirloom in House Cant, a proud lineage which yielded Gridania several Padjal, those chosen of the wood. Some decades ago, however, the then head of the House Cant, A-Towa-Cant, disappeared suddenly and inexplicably, and the legendary Thyrus along with him. To this very day, none know for certain what became of the Padjal, or his treasured weapon.

Stardust Rod (Black Mage)


All in the Order of Nald’thal know well the legend of Shatotto, a mighty thaumaturge from the fifth of Astral Eras. Her creation of destructive and catastrophic spells evoked as much fear as it did respect, prompting ignorant souls to call her unsavory names—Death’s Handmaiden, the Black Witch, and the She-Devil among them. She was also possessed of an otherworldly talent for crafting thaumaturgical staves. Among her creations, the Stardust Rods are by far the most powerful and coveted, believed as they are to be fashioned from the celestial remnants of a star Shatotto herself brought down to Hydaelyn and clove asunder.

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