No 6 Exoroche on Arms and Armor

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As holds true for a knight such as myself, weapons and armor are an adventurer's closest companions on the field of battle. Through this seminar, I hope for my audience to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the tools they carry into combat.

Tonight, I will speak on the merits of brigandine armor.

Brigandine is an impressive piece of body armor consisting of numerous form-hugging darksteel plates held together with straps of black tiger leather, and covered by strips of brilliant velvet attached with rivets. (See "plates" in the diagram below for an image of the inner layer.)

Naturally, brigandine offers qualities aside from its fine appearance. The artfully placed plates allow for maximum mobility, creating a set of armor that even non-warrior professions can don without training or discomfort. Why, I could discard my nightshirt in preference to brigandine and still find a restful night's sleep.


However, every masterpiece has a downside. In the case of brigandine, this would be its prohibitive cost. Aside from the incredible amount of care and effort involved in forging this armor, a craftsman must excel in the fields of tanning, blacksmithing, and weaving before even attempting to create a suit of brigandine.

But thanks to the growing number of talented craftsmen, a price range that was once the province of affluent knights alone is continuing to fall into the realm of the affordable. Perhaps you have been sufficiently inspired by my words to purchase a suit of your own? I am personally squirreling away every spare gil in order to present my son with this exceptional armor on the day of his initiation into the Royal Knights. That occasion still lies far on the horizon, of course…

*On the battlefield, a basic suit of brigandine is often accompanied by upper-arm and elbow plates (rerebraces and couters), a hemp surcoat to protect the velvet, an iron chain coif, and a belt around the waist. A set of brigandine armor is usually considered to include these additional pieces.

Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita

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