No 4 The Night Before Valentione's Day

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Valentione's Day is that one day of the year when we are able to express our feelings for that special someone by giving them a gift from our hearts. Those who have gone through this ritual before must surely remember the trepidation they felt before the big moment.

On the night before this Valentione's Day, we spoke to a female adventurer who was preparing to let her "secret admiree" know just how she felt about him.

Birp: Good evening, I'm Birp, of the Dreamers.
Louisa: Good evening! My name is Louisa [not her real name -ed.], and I'm a Hume white mage. I've been adventuring for half a year now, but I still consider myself a rookie.
Birp: So let's get right to the point, then, Louisa. You're planning to confess your love for someone tomorrow, are you not?
Louisa: That is correct ^^
Birp: May I ask who this lucky man is?
Louisa: He's my linkshell leader, and his name is Adalbert [also not his real name -ed]. He's also a Hume, and a paladin! He's always so reliable and helpful in battles. To me, he really is a knight in shining armor ^^
Louisa: He really takes charge in critical situations.
Birp: I see.
Louisa: He's just really, really dependable.
Birp: Um…
Louisa: And also…
Birp: Umm…thank you, I get the idea.
Louisa: Oh, I'm sorry! Did I say something weird?
Birp: No, no… It's just that it seemed like if I didn't stop you, you might go on forever…
Louisa: O.o

Birp: So how did you come to this decision?
Louisa: Well… I've secretly admired him for a looong time…
Birp: As a leader?
Louisa: Yes. He helps me so much, and he garners so much respect from the others… After a while, I couldn't get him out of my mind…
Birp: Ah…
Louisa: When I told a friend of mine how I felt about him, she told me about Valentione's Day. That's when I decided that has to be the day I tell him.
Birp: So you didn't know about Valentione's Day before then?
Louisa: No, I didn't… Sorry ^^;


Birp: Have you decided where you'll give him the present?
Louisa: Yes. After careful consideration, I chose Starfall Hillock. The moonlight there is so beautiful, so I want to go at night.
Birp: I see you've already scouted the place out.
Louisa: Umm… Yeah, I have ^^;

Birp: So how have you arranged to take Adalbert to that spot?
Louisa: Well, he and I and a bunch of friends have arranged to form a party that night for exploration.
Birp: …Which is, of course, just subterfuge.
Louisa: Yup ^^ My friends are all cheering for me, too, so they're helping me out.
Birp: It seems you have a lot of good friends.
Louisa: Yeah, I really do! I don't know what I'd do without them.

Birp: So you already have the present, I presume.
Louisa: Yes! I synthesized this with all my heart!
Birp: A cape engraved with "Louisa." This must have been difficult to make.
Louisa: I worked pretty hard to raise my clothcraft skill. I was also careful about gathering materials without him knowing.

Birp: Wow, you really put some thought into this! Why did you decide on a cape?
Louisa: I don't know if Adalbert remembers, but the first time we met, he gave me a cape (/blush).
Birp: Ahh…
Louisa: So now I'm going to give him one.
Birp: I'm sure it'll mean a lot to him.
Louisa: Let's hope so ^^
Birp: I'm sure that your efforts will pay off. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow.
Louisa: Thank you ^^

Several days later, I talked to Louisa again - and this time, she was with Adalbert.


Birp: Hello.
Louisa: Hello again!
Adalbert: Pleasure to meet you. My name is Adalbert.
Birp: So seeing that you're together, does this mean…?
Adalbert: Yes ^^
Louisa: ^^
Birp: Congratulations!
Louisa: Thanks!
Adalbert: She gave me a very nicely embroidered cape.
Birp: Ah yes, the cape…
Louisa: Yeah, but he didn't remember the "first" cape…
Adalbert: I'm sorry about that ^^; But I really like the one you gave me. It really made me feel…special.
Louisa: Wow, this is so embarrassing… ^^;
Birp: So your wish has come true.
Louisa: Yes, and I've never been happier!
Adalbert: ^^

Birp: Well, I think I've intruded long enough… Best of luck to both of you!
Louisa: Thanks!

Valentione's Day is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to deepen our existing bonds, or create new ones.

May the bonds that form on this day last eternally..

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