No 14 Starlight Memories

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The Starlight Celebration has begun!

The brightly lit towns are filled with the sight of adventurers wearing smilebringer hats. So how is everyone enjoying the celebration?

One Tarutaru said with a smile on her face that the festival had given her courage.

Although she is an adventurer, the Tarutaru explained that she has very little experience fighting monsters. Instead, she makes a living by synthesizing sweets and meals using crystals and materials purchased from other adventurers, and selling her creations for a profit. She takes pride in having bought an airship pass with the money she has steadily saved up.

Having taken great care to live a frugal life, she never considered buying clothing or a hat for herself. However, she fell in love with the Starlight Celebration's "dream robe" at first sight!

Apparently, a moogle in Windurst Woods was giving out dream robes as a present to adventurers who brought back a card addressed to them. The Tarutaru ran over to speak to the moogle as soon as she heard the information.

"We moogles have collected piles and piles of presents! We'd like to give them to each person individually, but everyone always seems to be off on some adventure or another, and we can't keep them all straight! Could you help us, kupo? We'll have a present waiting! There are four cards in all. Once you hand the first card out, I will ask the adventurer who brings it back to help with the next."


After a brief exchange, the moogle handed out a card.

It was addressed to a paladin with a level range in the 30s.

She ran a quick search for adventurers who met her criteria, and found one in Southern San d'Oria! The tiny Tarutaru wasted no time catching an airship.

Upon arrival, she ran to Southern San d'Oria as fast as her little legs could carry her. Fortunately, the Galka she had been searching for was standing in front of the auction house.

"Thank you! I'll pass this card on. I hope you get a card soon, too!"

And with that, he took the card with a smile. Noticing the worried look on the Tarutaru's face, the kind Galka proceeded to explain how the cards work.

Cards come in sets of four and are passed around in the same manner as a relay race. The person who receives the fourth card is eligible for a dream robe. In other words, the more people you give cards to, the more chance that the fourth card from one of your sets will come back to you!

After hearing the Galka's words, the Tarutaru seemed determined to deliver as many cards as possible.

With some effort, she managed to deliver three cards.

Time flew by, and suddenly it was night. Exhausted, the Tarutaru sat down to rest in Victory Square. Looking up, she noticed the beautiful lights gleaming in the clear night sky. Adventurers decked out in red robes were everywhere, enjoying the event.

The Tarutaru began wondering if she was ever going to receive a card.

Still, she resolved to try again. Pass out enough cards, and eventually a set should come back.

It was that moment she heard a shout, saying, "Anyone need help with cards? Just ask me!"

According to the shouter's information, the fourth card will be addressed to the job and level of the adventurer who delivered the first card in the set. Perhaps the moogles planned this system from the very beginning, or perhaps not, but it seemed that it could be used to an advantage. Deliver a card, have your partner turn it in, and then have him trade the new card he receives from the moogle back to you with information on the addressee. Deliver that card, and repeat the process until the fourth card, which will be addressed to you! Anyone can get a dream robe with some teamwork!

Upon learning this information, the Tarutaru's face became as bright as the festival lights.

Her next card was addressed to a dragoon with a level range in the 40s. Luckily, she found someone who fit the description and explained to him what she had learned. He cheerfully took the card in front of the Mog house and, telling the Tarutaru to wait a moment, ran off in the direction of the auction house. He returned after a short while.

"I gave the card to the moogle! The next card is addressed to a red mage with a level range in the 20s! Oh, that's perfect… I'm also a level 23 red mage!"

Thanks to him, the Tarutaru was able to deliver two cards! The dragoon entered his Mog House, emerged as a red mage, and headed toward the auction house again.

"I gave the moogle the second card! This next one is addressed to a monk with a level range in the 30s. Hey, I can help you with that one, too! (^ ^) /"

Well, this was certainly a nice surprise! Three cards finished, thanks to a single person. After a few minutes, the Tarutaru received her fourth card, and gave her new friend an icecap rolanberry in thanks.

"Thanks! I'll enjoy this later!"
And with that, he disappeared into his Mog House.

Thus, the Tarutaru finally got a card addressed to her. However, there was one thing she was overlooking.

The card was addressed to a white mage with a level range in the 10s, but the Tarutaru was only level 1. How could she get a dream robe now?

"When I learned that I couldn't get a dream robe, I was kind of mopey-wopey, but I realized that if I could get stronger before the end of the festival, I might have a chance-wance!"

Our reporter had heard of her efforts and came to interview the grinning Tarutaru.

"I'd only done synthesis up until now, and I thought that adventuring would be scary-wary, so my level never changed, not even an itty-bit. But this card made me realize that I have to have courage and get out in the wide, wild world!"

Her smiling face never faded as she said goodbye and ran through the gates of Windurst carrying an onion rod.

Every adventurer has her own story to tell of this dazzling festival of lights.

We wish you all a merry celebration under the light of the stars.

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