No 13 Vana'diel Profiles

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Erpalacion, Loyal Servant of San d'Oria


Erpalacion B Chanoix (768-816)

General of the Royal Knights in the time of King Ranperre.

From an early age, Erpalacion served as a page to the king. In addition to performing his duties in the royal court, he studied under the tutelage of a dragoon veteran. Erpalacion showed amazing promise, and, at the tender age of 16, he was conferred the rank of master dragoon.

In the year 786, his achievements as a general in the Elshimo Campaign earned him recognition in his home of San d'Oria and beyond.

Following these endeavors, Erpalacion was selected to become the general of the Royal Knights - the youngest in recorded history - and went on to secure a string of victories in the king's name against the Eastern San d'Orian insurgents.


He continued to assist in the reunification of the kingdom, but disappeared while returning from an overseas expedition. Although his body was never recovered, a state funeral was held in his honor in 816. As no successors remained to continue his profession, Erpalacion is also widely referred to as "The Last Dragoon."

Illustrations by Mitsuhiro Arita

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