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Du'Dha, A Discerning Leader


???-500 (approx.)
Also known as "Du'Dha the Ever-Young," Du'Dha ruled the Quadav for an exceptionally long period of time, beginning in the Age of Magic in the year 250, and extending until the Age of Power, when his reign ended around the year 524.

According to Quadav accounts, Du'Dha was a delicate youth. He shed the shell in which most Quadav find great pride, and instead spent his days in leisurely pursuits, such as climbing trees in order to read books undisturbed. Despite his royal blood, no one suspected that he would one day inherit the kingship. However, he became well known for fortune telling, and his shell readings were said to be extremely accurate. He was summoned by the king to be an advisor until policies for the safety of the state could be formed, and was eventually designated as heir to the throne.

Du'Dha first appeared in national histories in the year 291 when he was recorded by the Rounole Commentaries as leading a Quadav offensive on the Coumlaud1 in Derfland, which the Elvaan tribe was using as a hunting ground. It is written that he led his armies from a palanquin due to his feeble legs, leading to the belief that Du'Dha was already of great age by the time of the battle.


Regardless of his victory, Du'Dha decided to abandon the fertile soil he had conquered and instead chose to settle in the barren Pashhow Marshlands. Thus began the construction of Beadeaux. This allowed the Quadav and the Coumlaud to work out a truce, and neutral zones were designated on both sides. Some time later, the forces of Windurst defeated the Elvaan tribes, threatening to propel the region into turmoil. However, Du'Dha maintained a stance of nonintervention, suppressing radicalism and focusing on enriching his own kingdom by several means, such as reorganizing the army by rank based on shells ornamented with gold or jewels.

In the year 381, Du'Dha's national policy reached a turning point when Lanfeaur d'Oraguille, chief of the Elvaan San d'Orian Tribe2 and later the first king of San d'Oria, paid a visit to Beadeaux in person. Impressed by the chief's courage and competence, Du'Dha praised him as a distinguished associate and formed an alliance with his tribe. Afterwards, he lured the Windurstian armies to Pashhow and surrounded their forces to score a great victory for Chief Lanfeaur.

Du'Dha continued to be on friendly terms with Lanfeaur after the Kingdom of San d'Oria was founded until Lanfeaur's death. He reportedly brought a great number of attendants with him to mourn the king's death at his funeral, earning the respect and admiration of the San d'Orians. Around the year 500, Du'Dha realized his death was imminent and began fasting rites, ordering his policies for the next hundred years to be carved onto his gravestone as an epitaph. Thus, he actually continued to reign for nearly twenty years after his death, at which point a Quadav named Vo'Gho infiltrated the king's chambers and usurped the throne, declaring the former king's death to the kingdom. Vo'Gho destroyed Du'Dha's epitaphs and mobilized the kingdom for conquest and territorial expansion.

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