No 11 A Change of Scenery

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When I return to my home nation of San d'Oria, I usually ask for a teleport at the Ronfaure outpost. But the last time I had occasion to do so, I noticed that things were a bit awry. For instance, unfamiliar green flags were fluttering in the breeze outside the outpost, and then of course there was the surly Tarutaru who approached me suspiciously and gave me a rather insincere "Can I help you?" That's right, ladies and gentlemen: Ronfaure, long governed by the Kingdom of San d'Oria, had fallen under the control of another nation. I had become an intruder in my own land.

The regions of Ronfaure, Gustaberg, and Sarutabaruta are considered to be the heartlands of San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst respectively, and as such have almost always been under the control of those nations. Lately however, it appears this is not always the case.

Looking at the region map, I saw that San d'Oria itself had taken control of the faraway Sarutabaruta region. When adventurers see a new region under their nation's control, the first thought is always of the supply quest. In order to use the teleport service at any given outpost, adventurers must deliver supplies to that outpost from their home nation. I talked to several adventurers who had already taken it upon themselves to deliver supplies to the newly acquired Sarutabaruta region.

- So you are here today on the supply quest?

Charlz: I did it as soon as I saw we took over. Warping to San d'Oria for ingredients now. It's gonna make cooking easier.

Drina: So when I need something that another country don't have I can easy teleport here if they have it. And I level cooking and the guild is here in Windurst.

- Ronfaure under Windurstian control. Sarutabaruta taken by San d'Oria. What do you think of all this?

Charlz: It makes traveling here easier now to guild.

- Do you have any bitter feelings toward your rival nations?

Drina: No, I think this world make it interesting to see which country is the strongest. And San d'Oria proved it and I'm excited about the next tally.

Go where the work is, and serve your nation's interests to serve your own. Perhaps this kind of free and entrepreneurial spirit is in some ways vital to becoming a successful adventurer.

Until now, it has always been standard procedure for adventurers trying out new jobs to begin their training in their nation's "heartland," but there is a current trend where adventurers deliberately choose to fight monsters in regions under the control of other nations, in order to expand the influence of their nation in those regions. Also, many adventurers have been seen donating excess equipment and supplies to their outposts. Conquest is heating up now more than ever, it seems.

Myhal: It's so difficult to get Conquest points! We literally have to give away the clothes on our backs.
Tathuma: Yeah, but it's all worth it in the end. I wonder what I should spend them on next?

Myhal is currently under Tathuma's control.

Myhal / Gilgamesh

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