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Goldsmithing is by far the most expensive synthesis skill to master.

Turning ore into precious stones and using them for rings, earrings, and other ornaments is no cheap endeavor. Many recipes also make use of rare, pricey materials such as gold and platinum.

Many hold the image of goldsmithing as a difficult craft to delve into simply because of the cost factor. How did veterans achieve their current standing, and what do they do with their skill?

Today I presented these questions to a charming goldsmith named K.

-Hello! It's nice to meet such a hard worker for once. So, what level have you sweat-and-pounded up to?

"Well, my goldsmithing is at 100, and my other crafts are all up to 60. I am great, am I not?"

-Wow! That's absolutely amazing! Why did you pick goldsmithing, of all things?

"In the beginning, I did everything. I could not decide on a single craft. In the end, I decided to challenge myself. I was a bit worried about money, having spent so much on synthesis already, but I realized that nothing is impossible for someone like me. There were few others doing goldsmithing, and I thought the ladies would go wild if a strapping young man like me gave them rings. For some odd reason, however, all I have received from my efforts is a slap in the face."

-Haha, I wouldn't have done that! <blush> I bet you're really strong, too, aren't you?

"I am a level 75 red mage, elegant and bold. There are several swords I can make with goldsmithing to use in battle. The first time I made one, I couldn't help but admire my beautiful craftsmanship. It really made me realize just how wonderful I am."

-Oh, I can see that! I bet it would be difficult for someone without as much adventurer's prowess as you, though.

"Gil makes the world go round, my dear. It does not matter if you know a tunnel worm from a Goblin. Why, in my case, I just passed my fabulous wealth around, and the ingredients were no problem. If you are a mere peasant, however, you may have to run around collecting beastcoins as a thief. Peh!"


-Hm, thieving skills sound rather useful to me!

"In my personal opinion, it is better to simply buy beastcoins rather than spend time running around like a fool. However, it is possible that mythril and gold beastcoins may be better stolen if you consider their prices, so I suppose the thief has slight value for those who are into that kind of thing. I am not very skilled in the ways of the thief, having found better uses for my time. I do know, however, that golems drop mythril ore and Orcs drop gold Orcmasks that can be desynthesized into gold ingots. Gold Orcmasks cannot be sold, however, as they are Ex items. Perhaps a thief can make use of that bit of knowledge."

-Where do you buy your ingredients?

"I simply hop over to the auction house. Occasionally I also check guilds and bazaars and buy something if I feel I am not being cheated. In addition, I buy armor at stores and desynthesize them to get ingots. Everyone nags me to go find the ingredients myself for free, but time is gil, and I am a busy man. Ingredients are rather steep in price lately, but I love to spend! Spend it all, even if it breaks me! Spend, spend, spend!"

-I bet you make a lot of money, don't you?

"Oh, that all just depends. Everyone loves to buy my HQ rings. I can easily make low-level HQ items because of my immense skill, but my sales slots in the auction house often become full. I also make high-level HQ items every once in a while, even though they are a bit of a challenge, even for me. The return loads my pockets, though!"

-Have you lost more money than you've earned?

"Heavens, no. I have become extraordinarily wealthy through goldsmithing! Well…when I lose gil, I lose big, but… Well! Let us focus on what is important, shall we?"

-Yes, let's do that. For example…the item that K most wants to make?

"Oh, yes. That would be the new 'glass sheet' everyone seems to be talking about recently. I think that working glass into goldsmithing would be an absolutely splendid idea."

-Nothing is difficult for you, is it?

"It is a rather difficult life being marvelously wealthy, but it is a dirty job that someone must do. I love to spend, if you have not yet guessed, so my finances have been dwindling a bit as of late… Also, I think the sunglasses that many goldsmiths wear are simply frightening."

-What is the most memorable item you have created?

"The sword 'Colichemarde.' Only yours truly could have made such an exquisite work of art. Also, I made a 'Sha'ir Manteel' for a friend out of the infinite generosity of my heart, but it was quite a bother gathering the ingredients. Yes. Anyway, I have made it several times now, but many people fear losing materials when they try. Of course, I have never failed."

-Please give us a final, touching comment.

"You must have giland love spending itin order to embark into the field of goldsmithing; peasants and cheapskates need not apply. You must not fear spending 20 million to earn 30 million. Also, take extra care when selling your goods at auction. Not everyone can afford missing a zero as I can (and I often do)."

-Thank you very much for your time!

Although he possesses such incredible skill, I think that K was extremely down to earth and modest! He has a tough goldsmith's heart under such a cool, refined exterior. It must have been such hard work for him to get to where he stands! I bet his silky hands would look great adorned with countless jewels…<sigh>

Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita

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