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Acheufagais R d’Oraguille


542 – 567

The ninth king of San d’Oria who ruled from 558 to 567; fourth son of Harvest King Resviel. At the age of sixteen, he personally slew his stepbrother—a contender to the throne—to become king.

Unlike his father, who concentrated on domestic affairs, Acheufagais focused his efforts on war, leading campaigns against foes such as the Orcs and the Republic of Bastok. In his short life, he fought in thirty-three battles, and was feared by enemies and allies alike as the “Warking.”

King Acheufagais’s bold, lively personality and undaunted courage on the battlefield were beloved by knights and soldiers, but he would conversely earn the scorn of the aristocracy. When the Warking suddenly died at the young age of twenty-five, rumors of foul play by the aristocrats ran rampant throughout San d’Oria.


Illustrations by Mitsuhiro Arita

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