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Never blinking and all-seeing, The Mythril Eye misses naught that transpires within the lustrous realm of coin. In today's edition, senior editor Havak Alvak takes a monocle to the current economic turmoil triggered by the arrival of materia in the hands of an unexpected purveyor.

Of Beasts and Branding

"Beast tribe" is a designation of Garlean origin, given to those races the Empire deems detestable. Equivalent to an earmarking for extermination, the label is attached on account of association with primals—beatific beings who, amid certain circles, command godlike reverence. In stark contrast, the primals are held in highest hatred by the Garleans, who, besides calling them by the derogatory denomination eikon, have sought to suppress with startling single-mindedness any species suspected to summon them.

It was approximately ten years ago that the last of the beastmen was driven out from Ul’dah. Faced with an impending imperial invasion, the Syndicate passed a policy to purge the sultanate of all beastmen, who found themselves unceremoniously banished by the bevy. Overnight, the sight of sylvan crystal merchants and goblin junk dealers alike up and vanished from the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. Despite the decree’s dubiousness, it was warmly welcomed by the majority of merchants, who regarded reduced rivalry with relish.

Of late, however, the disputed decision of a decade past is threatening to float to the fore, engendered by the emergence of a grizzled goblin geomancer named Mutamix Bubblypots…


Of Mutamix and Materia

According to adventurer accounts, Mutamix first appeared in the wilds of Thanalan less than a moon past with his apprentices in tow, a rag-tag band calling themselves Carriers of the Cauldron. Wasting no time in setting up shop, he proceeded to promote a peculiar matter called materia, which is claimed to be capable of galvanizing gear. Before long, word of Mutamix and his miracle method for augmenting arms and armor had spread like wildfire across the adventurer population.

Inevitably, Ul’dahn merchants, too, came to know of this new player in the field. Unsurprisingly, there were those who felt fearful of Mutamix, convinced that the goblin would incite instability in a market governed by protectionist policies. Such is the acuteness of their aversion, they went so far as to petition the Immortal Flames for the expeditious eradication of all goblins roaming the region.

In contrast to this knee-jerk reaction of self-preservation, there are those who expressly endorse materia, considering it a catalyst for expediting economic expansion. Even now, the market is astir with tolerant traders who are making to maximize their monies by means of the matter, and who have taken a stand against actions that are like to damage Ul’dah-goblin relations.

Sultanate decree distinctly dictates that no goblins are to set foot on Ul’dahn soil. Naught, however, is stipulated of their presence outside her walls. And now two factions stand opposed: those who desire the decimation of goblins versus those who believe it would best behoove the nation to leave them in peace. I, for one, envy not in the least the Immortal Flames’ prickly position.

Our city-state stands at the crossroads of a commercial crisis, and The Mythril Eye will continue to closely monitor the movement of all individuals involved in the unfolding drama.

Havak Alvak

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