Mythril Eye - Foundation Day Returneth!

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Never blinking and all-seeing, The Mythril Eye misses naught that transpires within the lustrous domain of coin. In today’s edition, senior editor Havak Alvak reports on this year’s Foundation Day and the troubling rumors surrounding the celebrations.

Whispers of War?

The Grand Companies of Eorzea are once again coordinating ceremonies to commemorate the creation of their allied army. Like the boisterous bacchanals of yesteryear, these Foundation Day festivities are scheduled to start simultaneously in the three city states. Organizers hope to rally public support for the soldiers and strengthen their fighting spirit.

However, ominous overtones overshadow this year’s plans. Recent reports indicate that the Immortal Flames are purchasing prodigious proportions of military materiel. In particular, perceptive people have spotted substantial shipments of spirits, supplies, and Gysahl greens, the prices of which have suddenly soared.

Speculation is spreading that the procurement of these provisions is preparation for a ferocious fight with Garlean forces. Furthermore, the Grand Companies are expected to relentlessly recruit and appeal to adventurers for assistance this anniversary.

In addition, our readers have no doubt noticed the fleets of flying warships floating in the Eorzean firmament. According to military commentator Osaku Ysaku, the movements of these mechanical monstrosities strongly suggest a massing of Garlean might at Mor Dhona. If this analysis is accurate, the armies of Eorzea and the Empire are both bracing for battle─that is, unless conflict has already covertly commenced.

Havak Alvak


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