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Never blinking and all-seeing, The Mythril Eye misses naught that transpires within the lustrous domain of coin. In today's edition, senior editor Havak Alvak takes a close look at Foundation Day, the celebration taking place across the sultanate that commemorates the revival of the Grand Companies of Eorzea.

The Founding of a Tradition

Ever since the Ministry of Palatial Affairs revealed the rekindling of the Immortal Flames, the latter has not spared a single spherule of sweat to promote its presence to the public. Stepping up their efforts, the Immortal Flames now host Foundation Day, a celebration commemorating the creation of the Grand Companies of Eorzea more than a millennium past.

According to our sources, the concept was conceived at a congregation of committee members for the Eorzean Alliance,* who recommended that the revelry be simultaneously sponsored by all three city-states. Contrived to curb the consternation of civilians while saturating soldiers with spirit and steadfastness, insiders indicate that the event is also intended to regulate the rivalry raging between the Grand Companies to attract adventurers to their ranks.

Regulated roistering aside, the return of the Immortal Flames alone has been a blessing for the burg. Not only has it aided the amelioration of anxiety over the Garlean threat; it also affords adventurers - rapidly rising as the realm's richest spenders—a steady supply of salary. The prevailing perspective at present is one of expedited economic expansion. Even as I put pen to paper, a curious case of collaboration is being brokered between market and monarchy for the minting of memorial money and the subsidization of salutes by firearms.

The current commercial climate is plainly propitious to profit. Whether you prefer to participate in a procession or peddle products to the public, we at The Mythril Eye enthusiastically encourage participation in the pomp and pageantry as a means of monitoring market movement.

Havak Alvak

[The Eorzean Alliance]

A military alliance established in the 1561st year of the Sixth Astral Era in the wake of Ala Mhigo's fall to the Garlean Empire. Although initially formed of the four remaining sovereign city-states of Eorzea, the Ishgardians soon withdrew from the treaty, taking with them a bulk of the alliance's military might. In part due to this, no joint standing army ever eventuated from the coalition, which has had to rely upon the privately run Adventurers' Guild for the handling of such security issues as the beast tribe threat.

With the reemergence of the Grand Companies, the demand for adventurers soars to a new high as each organization moves to entice capable soldiers to join its ranks.


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