Mythril Eye - Clarion Call to the Commission of Officer

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Clarion Call to the Commission of Officer

Near all now know of the Eorzean Alliance—that adamant and ambitious accord recently reached by the Grand Companies of the realms’ three most potent political powers. That to which the miscognizant multitudes may not be privy is the system of shared stations and regimented ranks within the Immortal Flames, Maelstrom, and Order of the Twin Adder. Days so dire demand organization and order, and so the ranks and their commissions were constructed to create a clear chain of command.


We shall speak here on the commission of officer, for on the sturdy shoulders of these samsonian souls sits a great responsibility—the leading of our alliance’s armies to fight and foray on the frontlines of battle. Initial intentions indicated only those well-studied in the ways of waging war were to be named worthy of the officer commission, yet the Grand Companies have since taken to promoting to these proud posts the best and brightest of the adventurers among them. Droves of these daring and dauntless heroes have more than proven their merit and mettle in both combat and command capacities. Their awesome accomplishments have boldly blazed a trail for the intrepid—for any and all possessed of these sorely sought and sovereign skills to rise in rank and claim the commission of officer

The Grand Companies have proclaimed the provision of painstakingly produced panoplies and other gear befitting the epic endeavors of their officers. This author had chance to see several such souls bedecked in their newly acquired arms and armor on a recent visit to the Hall of Flames. What with whispers of war with Garlemald turning to talk of a decisive battle on the horizon, perhaps these heroes’ hands hold our only hope.

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