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An Alliance Actually

When the Garlean Empire first reared its repugnant head in Eorzea, swiftly stripping Ala Mhigo of its sovereignty by way of subterfuge, the surviving city-states were compelled to come together in coalition. Named the Eorzean Alliance, the coalition had ambitious aspirations for the defense of its dominions. Alas, such schemes soon suffered a severe setback—the Holy See of Ishgard withdrew from the treaty, leaving the fledging fraternity to founder and fade into feebleness. Today, the common consensus of the citizenry is that the alliance exists only in name.


Recent developments, however, may well warrant a weighing up anew of that assumption. Of late, the Eorzean Alliance has appreciably accelerated its activities, playing a pivotal part in the production of protectives for man and mount both. Presently, it is in the process of perfecting a progressive new method of enhancing equipment. Referred to by pertinent personnel as simply “sanction,” the method entails etching emblems of empowerment upon arms and armor in order to prime them as containers for conjurations. A custom charm is then cast upon these articles, whose efficacy is ephemerally enhanced thereby. Our sources in the Immortal Flames report that the mass manufacture of such sanctioned supplies is scheduled to commence shortly, with their arrival to the frontlines to follow closely behind.

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