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Monster Distribution

Further adjustments to monster territory are currently underway. In particular, significant changes are being made to the placement and population of aggressive monsters in relation to gathering points to better ensure that Disciples of the Land can log, fish, and mine without fear of attack.

New Monsters

The December version update marks the return of two FINAL FANTASY series favorites - goblins and flan.


With their oddly shaped gas masks and over-sized packs, goblins are one of the most easily recognisable beast tribes in Eorzea. For generations, commerce between the city-states and goblins was commonplace, making up an important facet to the economy, until one day, the whole tribe simply up and left, abandoning their cities and leaving no indication of where they were going or when they would return. Now, several decades later, the quirky beast tribe of crafters and gatherers has begun its migration back into Eorzea, but are the five races ready for them? moremonsters_goblin.jpg


The unique characteristics of this creature include a gelatinous outer-layer of protective flesh that can alter its aspect to varying elements depending on the flan's disposition, a gaping maw capable of devouring small land beastkin in a single swallow, and a pair of sinister eyes that some say can gaze straight into one's soul. The species is commonly classified as a voidsent, or not of this world; due to the flan's advanced cognitive abilities and its uncanny ability to mimic basic speech, however, there are some naturalists and scholars who believe the species may be actually related to man. moremonsters_flan.jpg

Notorious Monsters

In the past weeks, several topics posts were released detailing notorious monsters (NMs) that will be appearing in upcoming faction levequests. Today's post, however, will be covering those NMs not bound by guildleves; those NMs that roam unchecked through the wilds of Aldenard and Vylbrand. Some are simply large, while others are utterly towering. Some wield foul magicks, while others deliver devastating strikes. Some will only appear at certain times of the day, while others will wait for a certain type of weather before emerging. The one trait, however, that they all have in common is that their strength is "impossible to gauge," and therefore should not, by any means, be underestimated. Adventurers with the courage to take on these nefarious creatures should do so with the utmost caution…though, a few companions to even the odds would not hurt, as well, for only those who survive the challenge will reap the spoils that await.


Appearing in ancient religious manuscripts as loyal servant to the sun goddess, Azeyma the Warden, this peiste is unique in that its brilliant silver scales reflect the light, making it seem that the creature is constantly emitting a radiant glow. Many a hunter has set out into the mountains in pursuit of this scalekin's rare skin, only to succumb to the monster's razor-sharp fangs, nail-like claws, and petrifying gaze.

Coerthas Eastern Lowlands
Uraeus Skin


Great Buffalo

Thought to be an ancient relative of the common water buffalo, great buffalo have an average lifespan of over three hundred years and can grow to a height of over six yalms. During the Age of Endless Frost, enormous herds of these colossal beastkin would migrate back and forth across the frozen wastes in search of forage, but climate change, hunting, and disease has caused their numbers to gradually dwindle, and now only a few of the hoary creatures are known to remain on Vylbrand. Their thick hides are almost impossible to penetrate, and it is rumored that the weapons of champions unsuccessful in felling the beasts can sometimes be found still lodged under the shaggy coats.

Western La Noscea
Bloody Lance Head



The unmatched wit and cunning of this cyclopean ahriman has earned him a horde of loyal minions who follow Dodore as he wreaks his havoc on the countryside. While the common classification for ahriman is voidsent, that has not prevented some rogue scholars to proclaim that Dodore's supple Hyur-like flesh and single Lalafell-like eye proves the creature is a chimera, begotten in some dark laboratorium by the blasphemous experimentations of a twisted thaumaturge.

Mor Dhona
Dodore Wing


Elder Mosshorn

For reasons unknown to naturalists, there are certain aldgoats which do not display the short, two-decade lifespans that are most commonly exhibited in their cousins. For this they are given the name mosshorn aldgoat, and can be easily recognised not only by their enormous size, but also their beautifully curved horns, which are said to collect colonies of moss over the many years of their growth. What is even more intriguing, is that these aldgoats will often become "aware" that they are different early in their lives, and leave their respective packs in search of other mosshorns.

Western Thanalan
Mossy Horn

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