Ifrit is Come!

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As has been announced in earlier Letters from the Producer, patch 1.19 will usher in all-new battle content pitting adventurers against Ifrit, the primal of fire. Two encounters will be implemented: a standard battle for level 30 light parties (four members) and a hard mode designed with level 50 full parties (eight members) in mind. Both will take the form of a quest, and adventurers will be able to enjoy the unfolding story leading up to the fiery confrontation with the primal.


The primal first summoned eight years ago by the nomadic Amalj’aa, among whom he is worshipped as a guardian deity. According to Amalj'aa creation mythos, after the gods came together and gave birth to the world, Ifrit breathed the fire of intelligence unto the great lizards of Hydaelyn, so impressed was he with their resilience. Thus did the noble Amalj'aa tribe come into existence.

Known also as the Lord of the Inferno, Ifrit is dreaded as a demon spawned of the seven hells by those who keep faith in the Twelve. Of all the enlightened peoples of Eorzea, Ul'dahns in particular have cause to fear the primal's wrath, owing to the bad blood between them and the Amalj’aa that has formed over generations of territorial feuds. Tales hold that in the mere act of exhalation, Ifrit produces heat of such torridity as to reduce iron to pools of white-hot liquid.

The Bowl of Embers (Hard)

Dauntless adventurers who triumph over Ifrit at the conclusion of the first quest will be given the opportunity to take up arms against an even more formidable version of the primal. Rich spoils and powerful gear await those able to overcome this mightier incarnation of the Lord of the Inferno.

Primal Weapons

Originally forged to honor Ifrit, these arms have in their turn been imbued with the power of the primal himself. In the samples shown, we see fiery red blades reminiscent of the primal's fell claws and hafts that surge with magicks born of his menacing horns.

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