Happy 8th Vana'versary!

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The Appreciation of Adventurers Begins!

Eight glorious years have whooshed by at the speed of an amphiptere on the trail of its prey since adventurers first began spreading their affirmative influence over Vana'diel. To show our profound gratitude to those the world over who have supported us through the years, we are pleased to announce that the annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign has kicked off in lavish fash—

Hmm? There's a moogle behind me, you say? One that looks oddly familiar, right down to the way she's frantically gesturing for me to shut my trap? *Sigh* I suppose this is my cue to cede the floor to the expert…

Long time no see, adventurers!

It's me, Kupolette, nomad moogle extraordinaire, here to bring word that the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign is once again upon us, kupopo!

This year, we moogles have dug deep to deliver delightful difts—uh, gifts to show our objects of overt adulation—adventurers, obviously—our appreciation for their tireless efforts in making Vana'diel a better place for one and all. And as has become the institution, the M.H.M.U. has prepared a record of all your adventuring escapades for you to peruse with puffed-up pride, kupo!

Now here's a piece of news that should set your heart astir: unearthing the eleven mog tablets during the festivities will unleash all the Super Kupowers! That's right, every single one, kupo!
Astute adventurers may notice that this phenomenon is occurring exactly one year after the fabled artifacts first resurfaced. Could it be that—*gasp!*—the tablets, too, are sharing in our joy? Whatever the truth may be, the speculation has aroused academic ardor within the moogle community, kupo.

And what would an Adventurer Appreciation Campaign be without—you guessed it!—the reading of congratulatory letters? A considerable quantity of letters has been sent in from all over Vana'diel by various personages of prestige. Allow me to recite a select few this instant, kupo. Ahem!

Our first letter comes to us from Her Royal Highness Princess Claidie of the Kingdom of San d'Oria, kupo!

Esteemed adventurers of Vana'diel.
I would like to express to you my deepest feelings of gratitude on this momentous occasion. Your existence is as a pair of beating wings that lift our hearts to greater heights. Truly, you are the pride and joy of all children of Altana. Ever do I pray for your continued health and success.

Ah, such a cordial and earnest expression of affection from the lovely Princess Claidie. Puts me in mind of a kind and caring older sister, she does, kupo!

Now, moving on to the next letter…

Respected adventurers.
Please accept my humblest apologies for Naji's indiscretions.

Hmm? What a weird way to start a letter, kupo. Who could this be from? Ah, Mythril Musketeer Ayame of the Republic of Bastok! She was alluding to the message her quirky colleague Naji sent us last year. How very thoughtful of her, kupo. Anyway, back to the rest of the letter.

A sheathed blade is a symbol of peace. Yet even such a blade must stand ever ready to be drawn, lest it forever be bereft of its scabbard. Let us fight as one, adventurers and musketeers alike, for the continued peace and prosperity of the land.

A message that demonstrates dignity and decorum well beyond her years! Ayame truly deserves the honor of being the Mythril Musketeers' youngest-ever inductee, kupo.

Hmm, I couldn't help but notice that letters from the ladies seem to be the prevailing trend this year, kupo. Let's see who sends the next one…
Uwaaaaaah, kupo!
Th-the sender of this letter requires absolutely no introduction: Doctor Shantotto! *Gulp*

Tell me, by whose leave do you presume to celebrate?
Think twice before raising a fuss, lest you make me irate.
But a word of praise I shall spare you who have remained unfazed
in the face of a curse that leaves many debilitated and dazed.
Now off you go, and give no less than your absolute best,
if with all limbs attached you wish to survive my future tests!

Such a sumptuously sweet message…by the good doctor's sadistic standards, that is, kupo.

As tremendously touching as that last letter was, I think I'll push my luck and see if we can end on an even higher note.

Frail though your mortal flesh may be, within it burns a fiery spirit worthy of my respect. With great ardency do I await the glorious day your kind and I shall join together once more in the spilling of infidel blood. For as the sun and the moon must converge in an ecliptic dance, so too are our fates intertwined…

Drat, the sender's name is partly obscured and I can't quite make it out, kupo. Areu… Areuh…

Aaah! The entire letter was penned on parchment so brittle, it crumbled to bits and pieces in my little hands, kupo! *Sigh* I suppose we'll never know who the message is from…

Master! I'd like to take this opportunity to make known the collective sentiments of all mooglekind, kupo. My epistolary expertise may pale in comparison to the writers of these letters, but the gratitude we moogles bear toward adventurers is no less genuine.

Although our small size and timid temperament prevent us from aiding you in battle, we moogles will always be there to serve our strong and stout-hearted masters to the fullest extent our abilities allow, kupo! Happy 8th Vana'versary!

Story: Miyabi Hasegawa
Illustration: Mitsuhiro Arita


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