Happy 7th Vana'versary!

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Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Back With a Vengeance!

Ahem! Ladies and gentlemen!
It is with pleasure in plenitude that I, Nomad Moogle Kupolette, divulge to you these terrific tidings. Perceptive persons endowed with that keen adventurer's sense are undoubtedly already aware: the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign is once again upon us, kupo!

This year, we moogles have joined together as one and prepared a little something to express the frenetic feelings of fondness we have for all adventurers. And it goes without saying that the chronicled accounts of your exploits in Vana'diel have also been prepared for your perusing pleasure, courtesy of the MHMU, kupo!

But wait, there's more!
As has become the established tradition, munificent supporters of this year's event have forwarded to the MHMU bundles of letters laced with words of encouragement, kupo. I have taken the liberty of hand-picking the choicest samples to be recited here and now.

To kick off, we have a message penned by the hand of His Royal Majesty King Destin of San d'Oria himself, kupopopo! Can you believe it!?

Esteemed adventurers of Vana'diel.
Your steadfast courage and valor have earned you a place in the hearts of San d'Orians from all walks of life.
Forever shall your names be etched into the history of our glorious nation, that our posterity may draw inspiration from your deeds generations hence.

Wow! Such lavish praise, and from a reigning monarch, no less! Now that's music to the ears, kupo! I'm getting all excited in anticipation of what other compliments lie in wait in the letters to come!

Next, a message from promising young Mythril Musketeer, Naji, of the Bastokan Republic, kupo.

Hey, adventurers. Don't you go getting cocksure now, just because it's this time of year.
I'll admit that you lot pull your share of the workload. But hey, so do I. The difference between us, you see, is that you'll never catch me groveling for attention. Protecting the nation and her citizens from harm is simply my job, and damned if I expect any special treatment for it.

Ehrm…people sure have unusual ways to express their appreciation, kupo…
Let's move right along, shall we?

Ah, the next congratulatory missive hails from Mindartia. Obviously our Windurstian counterpa—oh, it seems I was mistaken, kupo. It's actually from—good Goddess—Castle Oztroja!? Why, it's none other than the great leader of the Yagudo, Tzee Xicu! A rather touching gesture from our beastman rivals, don't you think, kupo?

Hark, unclean adventurers; accursed worshippers of the false Goddess.
Your wicked existence, while an affront to the true faith, strengthens the bonds of the noble Yagudo race. To you blasphemers do we owe our unfaltering unity.
May death take you and your tainted kith and kin.

Ehrm…it would take a first-rate field surgeon to extract the compliments from this passage, kupo…
Hey, lookie here…
Why, it's a gilded letter bearing the seal of Aht Urhgan, kupopo! Could it truly be from Her Imperial Majesty…?

A sizeable enemy force threatens to overwhelm a detachment of Imperial troops out in the field. Make haste and extract—

Whoops! How did this Assault order get mixed up in the mail?
But more importantly, I wonder if they have the situation under control out in the Near East, kupo…

Urgh, I think I'm going to be sick if I see another letter…
"If you want something done right, do it yourself, kupo," is what Mother always used to say.
So here goes nothing, kupo! Ahem!

Most respected adventurers!
On behalf of the denizens of Vana'diel, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your tireless efforts in protecting the past, securing the present, and painting a brighter future for all the land.
Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my moogle heart, kupo!

In closing, I'd like to mention a succulent piece of gossip I recently caught wind of, kupo.
Rumor has it that "Mog Tablets"—ancient treasures long dismissed to have been merely moogle myth—have reemerged after millennia in evanescence! Some say that the soul of the great moogle king, Kupofried—may he rest in peace—well pleased with the valorous display of adventurers, brought these magical artifacts back from the far reaches of living memory, kupo.

Only the Goddess knows what the appearance of these tablets heralds, but we magically attuned moogles are quietly confident that something stupendously special is brewing! We won't neglect to keep you up to date on the latest regarding these tablets, so stay tuned, keep that blade well-honed, and be ever ready for action, kupo!


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