Great Figures of the Crystal War

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Recently, a simple chest, rust-covered and long forgotten in a dark corner of Muckvix's Junk Shop in Lower Jeuno, was rediscovered. Inside was found what has proven to be an unending source of impassioned interest for scholars of the Crystal War period: the biographies of several of the key players in that saga. Below are just a few choice entries from the wealth of information revealed in those priceless texts.

Valaineral R Davilles, Grassblade Noble


Valaineral R Davilles (835 - )

General of the Royal Guards under the Kingdom of San d'Oria(1), hailing from Aldiaine(2). First cousin to the current king, Destin R D'Oraguille. Known for a gentle and sincere demeanor which belies his unrivaled skill with a blade and well-versed knowledge of military affairs. Admired by the masses for his resemblance to the benevolent Ranperre R D'Oraguille, and likely heir to his legacy.

For these reasons Valaineral was held in high regard by the people, his debonair good looks and air of honorability currying him greater favor than then-Crown Prince Destin, who had not yet developed his penchant for public speaking and social grandeur. And so it was that the citizenry attempted to champion Valaineral as successor to the throne upon the unfortunate assassination of King Grantieul R D'Oraguille. But, unwilling to plunge the kingdom into yet another political schism, he at once made known his loyalties to the Crown Prince, his shrewd maneuvering promptly stifling any machinations set in motion by his supporting factions.

Thus gaining the unflinching trust of King Destin, Valaineral was bestowed the eminent title of duke in 858, and charged with the command of the Royal Guard. He hence proceeded to devote himself wholeheartedly to the defense of the kingdom. With the onset of the Crystal War, he chose to personally marshal the royal banner of San d'Oria on the battlefield to inspire the hearts of the troops. Even now, he remains in the field, in the makeshift encampments of the men, making his bed on San d'Oria's wild grasses.

Elivira Gogol, Divine Markswoman


Elivira Gogol (835 - )

Earned her moniker following explosive declarations at the Defense Council. Captain of Bastok's Gold Musketeers.

Born eldest daughter to the family of Gogol, who made their fortune in the mass production of firearms and cannonry, Elivira was raised in a life of affluence. Her bold and unyielding spirit, however, often placed her at odds with her father Kondrat, coming to a head when she blatantly refused the calls of a suitor whom he had arranged for her to wed. Following the resulting dispute, she abruptly left home, and volunteered herself for conscription. This was how she would embark on what would come to be a most exemplary military career.

Elivira's expertise with firearms did not go unnoticed by her superiors, having honed her skills for years as a child hunting lizards with the gun crafted for her by her father. A mere year after enlisting in the Republican Army, she was transferred to the Gold Musketeers. Following this promotion, she began to show great promise as an accomplished tactician, successfully seizing numerous areas of rich mineral wealth from enemy hands. At the tender age of 25, she was promoted to captain. This terrific honor brought with it reconciliation with her father, who took the opportunity to hand down to her the legendary firearm, Annihilator.

Haja Zhwan, Roving Wildsword


Haja Zhwan (843 - )

A general in charge of the Wildcat mercenaries sent to reinforce the Federation of Windurst. The leopard coloring on her cheeks marks her as a descendant of the legendary High Matriarch Vhizeyah, a prominent figure in Mithran folklore.

As a leader of the most ferocious unit among the Mithran Mercenaries(3) - an integral element of the Federation Forces - Haja Zhwan has been granted a provisional seat on the Parliament of Patriarchs. However, there are more than a few patriarchs who take issue with her insolent attitude and thinly veiled threats.

It is rumored that her ability to muster such a large number of soldiers from the Olzhiryan Continent could be attributed less to the influence of the leopard coloring on her cheeks, and more to some unknown intention from within the Empire of Aht Urhgan - a nation that holds sovereignty over Haja's native Zhwa, yet has officially adopted a neutral stance towards the Crystal War.

(1)The Royal Guards
Originally an elite branch of the San d'Orian military charged with the defense of the castle. Suffering irreplaceable losses during the Crystal War, the unit was later reorganized into the current Royal Guards.

Legendary homeland of the Elvaan before their emigration to the Quon continent. Though regarded with the utmost esteem and honor by the Kingdom of San d'Oria, having no substantial presence on the continents often results in its being relegated the honorary status of ally to the royal family.

(3)The Mithran Mercenaries
A Windurstian mercenary organization comprised almost entirely of Mithra. The Mithran Mercenaries could originally be separated into two camps: the Anaconda and Crocodile units (former pirates), and the Wildcat and Tigress units (volunteers from the south). After the war, these separate camps were restructured into four equal mercenary units.

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