Rich Rewards Await

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Rich Rewards Await!

By completing the myriad tasks entrusted them, adventurers will earn a reward in Grand Company Seals. Each organization issues its own unique type of seal (see below), which serves as a currency of sorts and can be used to redeem divers useful items.

- The Maelstrom: Storm Seals
- The Order of the Twin Adder: Serpent Seals
- The Immortal Flames: Flame Seals

*Grand Company Seals are honored only by the organization of issuance.


Redeemable Items

Items redeemable via Grand Company Seals can roughly be divided into the following three categories:

  • Regimentals: Company-exclusive gear
  • Materiel: Military provisions and medicinals
  • Surplus: Festival-exclusive items

The following is but a small sample of the exclusive gear on offer by each of the Grand Companies. Prove yourself worthy and climb the ranks of your organization, and you will become eligible for ever-more powerful equipment as well as military provisions granting unique effects.

The Maelstrom
Lominsan Bhuj (Marauder's Arm)
Requires: Marauder
Required Rank: 50
Attack 161 / Accuracy 139 / Critical Hit 169 / Parrying 151
Slashing 70% / Blunt 30%
Delay: 4.0s Number of Attacks: 1 HP: +20 Vitality: +3

Inspired by the techniques used to forge the rustproof blades of Near Eastern make, Naldiq & Vymelli's foremost blacksmiths have come together to produce a mighty steel bhuj that boasts an edge as durable as it is keen. Attached to either end of the haft is a single jade, a gemstone held in the Far East to possess restorative powers.
The Order of the Twin Adder
Gridanian Jacket (War Garb)
Requires: Disciple of War
Required Rank: 25
Defense 72 / Mg. Defense 49 / Evasion 26 / Resilience 36
Slashing 2% / Blunt 1% / Lightning 2%
HP: +15 Dexterity: +3 Elemental Resistances: +30

A jacket that emphasizes ease of movement, wrought from the coveted hide of the great buffalo to the satisfaction of both the Gods' Quiver and the Wood Wailers - the two pillars of the Order of the Twin Adder. Besides offering superior dexterity, the garment is elaborately pigmented so as to allow its wearer to melt away into the forest.
The Immortal Flames
Ul’dahn Shield (Shield)
Requires: Gladiator
Required Rank: 30
Defense 31 / Attack 22 / Blocking 70 / Wield Rate 16
HP: +5 Attack: +5

Large quantities of this enkindled shield have been commissioned by the Immortal Flames, that they might gain an upper hand in the conflict against the night-raiding Amalj'aa. The flame that burns furiously within is that of an alchemically birthed will-o'-the-wisp, a nigh-inexhaustible source of light.

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