Go All to Pieces

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The Mog Tablet Quest Unearthed!

Sit back, friend, and let me tell you the tale, kupo.
'Tis a tale of countless generations past—of joy, of sadness, and one magnificent moogle monarch's unrealized dream.

Our story begins in the ancient kingdom of Kupalika, a peaceful and prosperous nation where ten thousand score of moogles and some twice as many sheep lived together in moogle magic-enhanced harmony.

This magnificent moogle monarchy reached the peak of its prosperity during the reign of its seventh ruler, King Kupofried the Great, a peerless paragon of a potentate whose wisdom, benevolence, and mastery of magic have yet to see their equal. Verily, it was the selfsame King Kupofried who developed the teleportation techniques of which you adventurers are so fond, kupo.
And so the golden age of our ancestors' kingdom endured…

Yet time and tide wait for no moogle—not even the mighty King Kupofried.
Having grown old and gray, and knowing his time was near, the sagacious sovereign set about his life's work—eleven poems of happiness and joy, engraved on tablets of stone, that could be entrusted to future generations to ensure everlasting peace and prosperity for his children, his grandchildren, and all of mooglekind.


Sadly, it would soon become evident that the kindly king's tranquil temperament was not shared by his progeny, kupo. No sooner had the petty princes and princesses caught word of the tablets' existence than they embroiled themselves in a bitter brouhaha over which of them would inherit the freshly hewn heirlooms.

King Kupofried was devastated, dejected, and demoralized, kupo. How could his verses, born of such heartfelt joy, become the source of such strife among his scions? In a fit of frustration, he commanded his minion bats to scatter the stone tablets to the far corners of the world, that they might never be seen by moogle eyes again.
The next day, he vanished from his throne and kingdom, never to return.

Bereft of its wise monarch, Kupalika soon spiraled into decay—and eventually, downfall. The myriad moogles who once lived together as one people fractured into numerous tribes, some preferring to live alongside Altana's children, with others opting to preserve their nomadic customs.
One of these tribes, smallest in number yet stoutest in spirit, is that of the "explorer moogles," kupo. Tracing their lineage back to King Kupofried himself, these brave souls scour the far ends of Vana'diel in search of the long-lost tablets for generation after generation, that they might someday realize their legendary forefather's abandoned dream.

But relics of legend are not so easily found, and the explorers' staunchest efforts seemed doomed to end in vain, kupo.
That is, until just the other day, when a particularly intrepid explorer caught word of a tablet sighting.

Is this report authentic? If so, where are the tablets to be found?
And why have they only now surfaced, after so many years?
Most importantly, can any profit be had from this, so as to bring the MHMU out of the red at long last, kupo!?

The questions are endless, and there's only one way to answer them.
You—yes, you, my adventuring friend! — must lend your strength and substantial sleuthing skills to the explorer moogles' investigation.

Who knows? With your help, the mystical powers of our long-lost treasure just might bring peace and prosperity to the land of Vana'diel at its hour of greatest need.
So what are you waiting for? Go forth, and may the spirit of King Kupofried watch over you!


Illustrations by Mitsuhiro Arita

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