Frauleins a-Frolic in the Summer Breeze

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Hello, everyone! It's me, Uka, the Mighty Maidens' dazzling dance artist!

Last year, that meanie-head Ullegore sent some crrream puffs with more swagger than skill in an awful attempt to steal the spotlight from us. But we sure showed them what rrreal teamwork is all about, didn't we?

I'd like to give a big, sugar-coated shout-out to all our devoted fans who gave us their support. Heck, without you, I'd prrrobably still be slaving away as a stage hand for that killjoy rrright now!

I seriously doubt that obstinate overlord has learrrned his lesson yet, but you can bet your beastcoins that Mumor and I are rrready to outperform any egotistical entertainer he throws at us! With your help, of course! You can't be a star without grrreat fans, right? Tee hee!

Speaking of Mumor, I didn't see her in the drrressing room… What's taking herrr so long? Our concert's totally about to start! If she doesn't show up soon, I might have to go solo…I can alrrready feel the butterflies in my stomach!

Wait, look on the brrright side, Uka! This means you won't be singing backup for once! It's your turn to captivate the crrrowd with your voluptuous voice until Mumor gets here!

Now go out there and sing and dance your tail off!

Shining Summer Samba!!!


♥ Prologue

A long time ago, on the farthest edges of living memory, a lone meteorite came hurtling down from the sky, finally coming to rest in a lightless corner of Vana'diel. From the molten core of this extraterrestrial rock emerged the demon king Ullegore, whose sole desire was the complete and utter eradication of joy and jubilance from the world. To perpetrate his devilry, Ullegore traversed the land in search of festivals, sowing the seeds of ennui wherever his foul shadow fell. One after the next, smiles were reduced to frowns, and hearty laughter silenced behind pursed lips.

Just when it seemed that all hope was lost, there arose an unlikely young heroine who would pluck Vana'diel back from the precipice of eternal tedium: Fantastic Fraulein Mumor! Seemingly an ordinary stage starlet, Mumor is in truth a magically imbued fighter possessed of the ability to convert the spirited cheering of her fans into a formidable force with which to vanquish evil. Aided by her girl-next-door good looks and winsome ways, Mumor danced and sang her way into the hearts of folk the Middle Lands over, restoring smiles to the faces of children and grownups alike.

Last year’s installment of the Sunbreeze Festival saw our plucky young star join forces with her newfound ally: Uka, a former member of Ullegore’s entourage who accomplished a commendable career change with Mumor’s aid. Mumor and Uka joined forces to form the Mighty Maidens, an unstoppable tag team overflowing with such charm and charisma as to spread mirth and merriment across every square malm of our fair realm. And spread joy they did, when they thwarted the dark designs of Cream Puff, a trio of ersatz ingenues sent by the demon king himself.

Alas, a star’s work is never done, as yet a new threat—this time in the form of Ullegore’s diabolical leading lady—threatens to crash the stage. Making matters worse, it seems Mumor’s been held up in the dressing room, leaving the inexperienced Uka to face this pernicious prima donna on her own!

Can Uka overcome her nerves and rise to the moment, proving herself a capable solo star in her own right? Where is Mumor, and will she return in time to join her beleaguered sidekick in what just might be the battle of their lives? The fate of the Mighty Maidens—nay, of this very world as we know it—lies in your hands, so put them together and cheer your heart out!

♥ Mumor's Profile

Currently touring the land as a top-selling stage performer, Mumor is the only daughter of Professor Sarmoega, undisputed genius inventor and head of the Research Institute for Paranormal Phenomenon (RIPP). Her true identity, however, is that of a superpower-imbued fighter who has received special training specifically in preparation for her destined battle against the evil demon king, Ullegore. With her father's miraculous invention, the aptly named “Miracle Wand” in hand, Mumor transforms from an affable if somewhat ungraceful young lady into the irresistibly adorable superheroine, Fantastic Fraulein Mumor. Her claim to fame is the ability to convert the boisterous support of loving fans into a formidable force which, when fully charged, can be used to unleash an ultimate attack against the enemy for massive damage.

♥ Uka's Profile

Formerly of Ullegore’s Four Archfiends, Uka’s troubled childhood rendered her vulnerable to the demon king’s wiles; his honeyed words of praise for her talent in mimicry enough to win her over to his malign cause. She was sent in her master’s guise to gauge Mumor’s strength, and through that first encounter mastered dance. Her second meeting with Mumor, however, came to an unforeseen conclusion. Realizing her love for dance in defeat, Uka renounced her loyalty to Ullegore, choosing instead to accept Mumor’s invitation to form the Mighty Maidens. With the power of their Dancing Force combined, no night exists that cannot be turned into a sunshiny day!

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