First Blood

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Deep within the shadows of the Black Shroud lurks a wolf so fearsome, so terrifying, so unnatural, that local villagers have little choice but to cower in their homes, lest they become his next victim. Legends call the beast Deadeyes, and he is unlike any creature the forest has ever seen. As alpha male, he exhibits the cunning and composure of an army general while leading his pack of slavering minions through the region, showing mo mercy to those unfortunate enough to fall in their path. There has been many a proud hunter boast he will be the one to finally capture Deadeyes, but as of yet, none have survived to fulfill that claim…

Operation: Wolfsbane


Recently, there have been numerous reports of a pack of bloodthirsty wolves attacking farmsteads deep within in the Black Shroud. According to eyewitness accounts, the pack is led by a ferocious alpha male with glowing red eyes, and the attacks have been conducted with a military-like precision unlike anything ever seen in the wild. The Brotherhood of the Broken Blade is calling upon its loyal brothers and sisters to join in the patrolling of frequently attacked areas, not only in order to protect the lives of those living there, but also to determine once and for all who is truly behind these assaults.

Levequest Location

Those who are successful in slaying Deadeyes will be rewarded with a special item known as an Allagan runestone. There are a dozen in all, each representing one of the twelve deities who watch over the peoples of Eorzea. Rumor has that in Ul'dah resides a young trader who seeks these rare stones and is offering pieces of finely crafted equipment in exchange.

The following is an example of some of the items available for barter:

Harlequin Attire

Crafted for use by jongleurs, magicians, and other performing artists, this lightweight armor provides protection while still allowing the wearer freedom of movement. An extra layer of arcane wards woven into the cloth not only gives a boost to defense against maleficent enchantments, but also improves versatility with magic.

Favors: Discipline of Magic Optimal Rank: 50 Runestone Required
nms_harlequinattire.jpg Harlequin's Cap
o Defense 42
o Magic Defense 89
o Evasion 16
o Resilience 64
o MND: +4
o PIE: +4
o Elemental Resistances: +31
Allagan Runestone - Nophica
Harlequin's Acton
o Defense 116
o Magic Defense 90
o Evasion 33
o Resilience 63
o HP: +54
o MP: +54
o Elemental Resistances: +34
Allagan Runestone - Nald'thal
Harlequin's Tights
o Defense 66
o Magic Defense 52
o Evasion 33
o Resilience 63
o INT: +2
o MND: +2
o Craftsmanship: +12
o Elemental Resistances: +36
Allagan Runestone - Nymeia
Harlequin's Belt
o Defense 18
o Magic Defense 16
o Evasion 8
o Resilience 17
o Elemental Resistances: +7
Allagan Runestone - Oschon

*The aforementioned items are still under development and may change before the time of their release.

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