Fantastic Fraulein Mumor Graces the Sunbreeze Festival

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My lovelies, how's life been treating you since we last met? Mumor is back to take the stage again. You can imagine that SSS preparations have been keeping her on her feet of late.

After last year's fiasco where Mumor ended up missing her curtain call, She figures that this year she has to give it one-hundred and twelve-teen percent!

But Mumor has also dealt with some wild stuff these past few moons. Uka, bless her fur, says that Mumor has been dancing in her sleep? Doesn't that just beat all!

While she may be twirling her nights away, Mumor won't go so far to tell you, her adoring fans, that her preparations are complete and whole. Why, her three managers have been slacking off! They mess up her schedule, forget to contact the seamstress her outfit designs for this year's festivities… It's more chaotic than an out-of-tune orchestra! It looks like Demon King Ullegore isn't the only one in need of a good punishment.

…Oh my! Would you look at the time! Mumor would love nothing more than to spend the day chatting, but these steps aren't going to learn themselves!

Ready, Uka? Shining Summer Samba!!!


♥ Prologue

In a time nearly committed to memory, a meteor plummeted from the heavens, striking ground in a lonely and desolate area of Vana’diel. From the core of this misbegotten malformation emerged Ullegore, the demon king, whose presence caused the very air around him to turn rancid. His goal, you ask? None other than the total annihilation of happiness and love from our fragile star. Ullegore, not content to hide in the shadows, embarked on a journey throughout all Vana’diel, searching for festivals to devour in a vain hope to satiate his thirst for misery.

Yet all was not lost. When the future seemed grim and the light all but drained from the land, one lovely young girl came to rescue Vana’diel from its doldrums. Yes, my little ones, I speak of none other than Mumor herself, the superpower-imbued defender of smiles and happiness. When she dons her songstress garb, she gains the uncanny ability to transform the cheers and dances of her fans into a powerful energy that can vanquish even the most egregious of evils!

Together with Uka, formerly a dastardly servant of Ullegore, she formed a dazzling dance duo, “Mighty Maidens”, capturing the hearts and minds of Vana’diel festivalgoers the world over. Last year’s Sunbreeze festival saw them square off against Diva, the demon king’s answer to Mumor’s inspired melodies, and, as the world watched with exhiliration, our protagonists emerged victories.

As this summer goes into full swing, the time of the Sunbreeze Festival is upon us once more. But Mumor’s sharp eyes sense that something is amiss with her fans. Could it be? Yes! The nefarious Diva has appeared once more to assault the sensibilities of festival celebrants!

As if the forces of evil were not enough to contend with, Mumor and Uka encounter another unexpected presence—nefarious foes come to steal the stage right out from under their noses! Will this be the year that they finally fall prey to evil? Will their sweet voices carry Vana’diel’s innocent to victory? Only you can decide if our heroines succeed or fail!

♥ Mumor's Profile

Currently touring the land as a top-selling stage performer, Mumor is the only daughter of Professor Sarmoega, undisputed genius inventor and head of the Research Institute for Paranormal Phenomena (RIPP). Her true identity, however, is that of a superpower-imbued fighter who has received special training specifically in preparation for her destined battle against the evil demon king, Ullegore. With her father's miraculous invention, the aptly named “Miracle Wand” in hand, Mumor transforms from an affable if somewhat ungraceful young lady into the irresistibly adorable superheroine, Fantastic Fraulein Mumor. Her claim to fame is the ability to convert the boisterous support of loving fans into a formidable force which, when fully charged, can be used to unleash an ultimate attack against the enemy for massive damage.

♥ Uka's Profile

Formerly of Ullegore’s Four Archfiends, Uka’s troubled childhood rendered her vulnerable to the demon king’s wiles; his honeyed words of praise for her talent in mimicry enough to win her over to his malign cause. She was sent in her master’s guise to gauge Mumor’s strength, and through that first encounter mastered dance. Her second meeting with Mumor, however, came to an unforeseen conclusion. Realizing her love for dance in defeat, Uka renounced her loyalty to Ullegore, choosing instead to accept Mumor’s invitation to form the Mighty Maidens. With the power of their Dancing Force combined, no night exists that cannot be turned into a sunshiny day!

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